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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Credit Scoring and other Credit Scoring-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Credit Scoring and other Credit Scoring-related topics:

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Citibanamex, Belvo to advance financial inclusion in Mexico

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 19 Jun 2024

Mexico-based Citibanamex has entered a collaboration with Belvo to advance financial inclusion by enabling individuals outside the banking sector to access credit. 

financial services, financial inclusion, credit access, credit card, credit scoring, partnership

TotallyMoney launches TotallySure for car finance

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 24 May 2024

UK-based TotallyMoney has launched TotallySure to revolutionise car finance with pre-approval, guaranteed rates, loans, and terms, increasing transparency and trust.

financing , product launch, credit access, credit scoring

Endava forms partnership with Finexos

News | Payments General | 20 May 2024

Technology services company Endava has entered a collaboration with Finexos to solidify its banking ecosystem with new and existing AI-enabled software. 

partnership, credit scoring, credit access, payment methods, SaaS

VantageScore launches new model using Open Banking data

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 May 2024

VantageScore has introduced VantageScore 4plus, which is a new credit scoring model that integrates alternative data through Open Banking.

product launch, Open Banking, credit scoring, data analytics

Experian introduces Cashflow Attributes to expand access to credit

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 10 May 2024

Financial information services company Experian has introduced the Cashflow Attributes solution to support  financial inclusion and expand access to credit.

product launch, financial inclusion, Open Banking, credit access, credit scoring

Nuvo partners with Equifax for credit solutions

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 01 May 2024

US-based credit management platform Nuvo has partnered with Equifax to enhance credit management for B2B sellers, using data-driven insights for faster, informed decisions.

credit scoring, risk management, partnership, data analytics

TransUnion credit report available for customers

News | Payments General | 01 May 2024

Global insights and information company TransUnion has announced that consumers can receive their free credit report following the launch of Credit Data Smart (CDS). 

credit scoring, credit access, fraud management, risk management, data analytics

Study reveals surge in self-credit monitoring among Hong Kong residents

News | Payments General | 22 Apr 2024

A study conducted by TransUnion has revealed that enrolments for self-credit monitoring have seen a notable increase among Hong Kong residents.

credit scoring, research, study, financial services, financial data

FICO and Atto enable Open Banking integration for UK lenders

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 10 Apr 2024

UK-based credit risk solutions provider Atto has partnered with analytics software company FICO to integrate Open Banking data into UK credit scoring.

data analytics, Open Banking, credit scoring, lending, partnership

Experian to acquire illion

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Apr 2024

Financial information services company Experian has decided to acquire illion for nearly USD 542.10 million, in a bid to expand into Australia and New Zealand. 

acquisition, digital wallet, e-wallet, BNPL, credit scoring

Klarna launches Wikipink

News | Payments General | 05 Apr 2024

AI-powered global payments network Klarna has announced the launch of its Wikipink product, a data hub with information on how UK clients use the company’s solutions. 

product launch, data sharing, payments , credit scoring, online payments, mobile payments, digital payments, ecommerce

Chime's SpotMe now available for members using Credit Builder

News | Cards | 22 Mar 2024

US-based fintech Chime has augmented its fee-free overdraft feature SpotMe by making it available for members using the Credit Builder Visa credit card.

credit card, product upgrade, credit scoring, financial services, lending

VOXI to launch new payment services for mobile handsets

News | Payments General | 20 Mar 2024

VOXI by Vodafone has announced the introduction of new payment terms to support clients that need more options for spreading the cost of their mobile handset. 

partnership, product launch, payments , BNPL, credit scoring, online payments, mobile payments, digital payments, ecommerce

Neonomics and Bislab partner to enhance embedded finance

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 08 Mar 2024

Norway-based Open Banking provider Neonomics has partnered with data enrichment company Bislab to merge their embedded finance suites.

financial inclusion, embedded finance, credit scoring, credit access, data analytics

Fairbanc secures USD 13.3 mln in debt financing

News | Payments General | 04 Mar 2024

Singapore-based B2B embedded finance startup Fairbanc has received USD 13.3 million in debt financing to expand operations in Indonesia.

BNPL, debt facility, expansion, credit scoring, SMEs

Experian's credit reports to include Apple Pay Later loan info

News | Payments General | 29 Feb 2024

Financial information services company Experian has announced it will add the ‘pay-in-4’ BNPL loan information from Apple Pay in consumers’ credit reports.

credit scoring, BNPL, partnership, financial data, data sharing

Leveraging Open Banking data for building better financial products

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Feb 2024

Anna Maj, CEO of CreatLink, explores how data enrichment improves financial products, unlocking the potential of Open Banking data.

Open Banking, Open Finance, report, credit scoring

US Bank and Pagaya Technologies enhance personal loan accessibility

News | Payments General | 19 Feb 2024

US Bank has recently forged a partnership with Pagaya Technologies, a global tech firm specialising in AI-powered solutions for lenders worldwide.

personal finance management, lending, credit scoring, partnership

Chase survey reveals growing dependence on mobile banking

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Feb 2024

A recent survey conducted by Chase has revealed that 62% of consumers consider their mobile banking app indispensable, with 78% utilising it on a weekly basis.

mobile banking, digital banking, credit scoring, transaction monitoring

CreditLadder offers rent reporting for Digital ID Connect's user base

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 16 Jan 2024

UK-based rental data reporter CreditLadder has enabled digital identity app Digital ID Connect’s users to report their rental payments to credit agencies.

API, Open Banking, data sharing, financial data, credit scoring