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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Covid 19 and other Covid 19-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Covid 19 and other Covid 19-related topics:

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The Paypers Global Fintech Investments Analysis: Q3 2022

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 04 Nov 2022

The Paypers studied the most relevant investments announced during Q3 2022. While the global fintech industry is growing at a slower pace compared to 2021, BNPL, embedded finance, and lending still seem safe investment bets.

fintech, investment, BNPL, embedded finance, funding, financial services, mobile banking, COVID-19, startup, neobanks

Deliveroo, Klarna partner to offer Eat Now, Pay Later

News | Online Payments | 13 Oct 2022

Online food delivery company Deliveroo has partnered with Sweden-based Buy Now, Pay Later platform Klarna to offer customers the possibility to buy groceries and takeout food on credit.

BNPL, delivery, partnership, instalment payments, credit card, online shopping, shopping, COVID-19, inflation, merchant, online payments

Alipay+ partners with Japan merchants to boost travel experience

News | Mobile Payments | 11 Oct 2022

China-based Ant Group, affiliate company of the Alibaba Group conglomerate and the owner of Alipay+ has announced it partnered with over one million merchants in Japan to create seamless travel experiences for international tourists.

cross-border payments, e-wallet, local payment method, digital payments, digitalisation, SMEs, QR code, QR payments, contactless payments, online payments, mobile payments, online platform, expansion, COVID-19, shopping

The big downsizing – why companies make cuts to survive the fintech winter

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 05 Oct 2022

After the flourishing period experienced in 2021, fintech companies are now facing difficult times due to sustained inflation and geopolitical conflicts that forced them into adapting a downsizing trend.

fintech, ecommerce, COVID-19, startup, online banking, digital payments, IPO, Unicorn, funding, cryptocurrency

How OpenWay is powering digital payments in the age of pandemics and other disasters

Interviews | Online Payments | 23 Sep 2022

Pavel Gubin, CEO of OpenWay analyses the strategies, tools, technologies, and philosophy needed to build a resilient digital payments business.

inflation, COVID-19, fintech, digital payments, payments infrastructure, cross-border payments

OneSpan launches face-to-face transactions via virtual room

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 19 Sep 2022

US-based OneSpan, a digital agreements security company, has announced the launch of its Virtual Room cloud service enabling organisations to deliver live, high-quality assistance to customers in a secure virtual environment. 

product launch, KYC, eKYC, COVID-19, fraud detection, fraud management, online fraud, identity fraud, identity verification, digital identity, online authentication

Airbnb partners with Generali to offer travel insurance

News | Online Payments | 30 Aug 2022

Worldwide-known home rental platform Airbnb has announced since January 2022 the upcoming launch of a customised insurance product offering exclusive to Airbnb users. 

partnership, online platform, platform, insurance, expansion, product launch, travel payments, COVID-19, online payments

PayPal rolls out Grant Payments for charities

News | Online Payments | 29 Aug 2022

PayPal has partnered with National Philanthropic Trust and Vanguard Charitable to launch Grant Payments, enabling donors to deliver grants to charities quickly via PayPal.

PayPal, partnership, product launch, charity, COVID-19

Shopify to offer up to AUD 2.5 mln loans to Australian businesses

News | Ecommerce | 22 Aug 2022

Canada-based ecommerce platform Shopify has announced the introduction of a new business financing programme for the Australian market, offering up to AUD 2.5 million in funds.

ecommerce, ecommerce platform, online platform, online shopping, funding, merchants, COVID-19, pandemic, SME lending, P2P lending

ACCC approves Woolworths acquisition of MyDeal

News | Ecommerce | 15 Aug 2022

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced it does not oppose Woolworths’ proposed acquisition of MyDeal, following an extensive review to prevent monopole in the industry. 

acquisition, expansion, online shopping, shopping, ecommerce, ecommerce platform, COVID-19

Apple Pay enters Malaysia

News | Online Payments | 10 Aug 2022

Technology giant Apple has announced that its in-house built online payment solution, Apple Pay, is now available to customers from the Malaysian market.

online shopping, online payments, mobile payments, ecommerce, shopping, e-wallet, digital wallet, digital payments, contactless payments, COVID-19

CVS to close stores across the US

News | Payments General | 04 Aug 2022

US-based popular drugstore and prescription medication chain, CVS, has announced the closing of several stores across the US, starting August 2022.

retail, ecommerce, online shopping, online platform, digital payments, digitalisation, COVID-19, pandemic

Fraugster and Worldline increase chargeback protection for travel merchants

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 02 Aug 2022

Germany-based fraud prevention company Fraugster has partnered with Worldline to equip merchants with the former’s Chargeback Protection solution.

Fraugster, chargebacks, COVID-19, fraud prevention, partnership

UK government puts banks in the spotlight after releasing BBLS data

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 01 Aug 2022

The UK government has published the first figures on the performance of its three emergency COVID-19 loan guarantee schemes, pushing banks like Starling Bank to explain their reliance on state-back funding.

banks, COVID-19, SMEs, acquisition, data

Towards a new chapter in the use of electronic payments in Portugal

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 27 Jul 2022

Andréa Toucinho, expert in payments and financial services, discusses the latest tendencies in electronic payments in Portugal, as the country continues to be on an upward trend regarding its digitalisation process.

mobile payments, online payments, contactless payments, central bank, online banking, COVID-19, digital wallet, digital payments, digitalisation, e-wallet

Zimpex suspends crypto withdrawals

News | Cryptocurrencies | 21 Jul 2022

Digital assets exchange platform Zimpex has officially announced it is pausing withdrawals until further notice.

cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, crypto, crypto asset, online platform, trading platform, COVID-19, Russia Ukraine War, Unicorn

Niche fintech services for business – are they the future?

Voice of the Industry | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Jul 2022

As the ‘one size fits all’ approach becomes a thing of the past, Nik Zimarkov, the CEO of, explains why fintech companies should focus on customer-centricity and simplicity.

fintech, credit card, banks, COVID-19, regulation, blockchain, payments , startup, B2B payments, data

Converting customers across borders - focus on French ecommerce

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 19 Jul 2022

Nigel Reavley, Country Manager France at ACI Worldwide, shows us how the cross-border challenge pans out in France. What are the implications for ecommerce?

cross-border ecommerce, ecommerce, fraud management, COVID-19, multi-factor authentication

Australians lose AUD 2 bln to fraud in 2021

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 08 Jul 2022

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released its annual Targeting Scams report, highlighting that Australian consumers and businesses lost over AUD 2 billion to scams and fraud.

scam, fraud management, fraud detection, online fraud, identity fraud, COVID-19, payment fraud, report

Running with the payments trends: Fisikal on orchestrating the best CX for the health and fitness industry

Interviews | Mobile Payments | 06 Jul 2022

Rob Lander, CEO, and Emma Excell, COO of Fisikal take us on a tour of their journey to offer health and fitness professionals an all-in-one platform for payments, bookings, and business management


mobile payments, payments orchestration, COVID-19, API, payment processing