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Fiserv rolls out AllData Connect for managing external account aggregation

07 Sep 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Fiserv, a global provider of financial services technology solutions, has launched a new aggregation solution AllData Connect.

open data, account aggregation, Fiserv, AllData Connect, APIs, consent, data privacy, US

Ping Identity launches updated sandbox for open banking in Australia

31 Aug 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Ping Identity has announced an update to its Australia-based Consumer Data Right (CDR) sandbox environment enabling financial institutions to accelerate open banking implementation.

Ping Identity, sandbox, open banking, Australia, Consumer Data Right, banks, fintech, financial institutions, CDR rules, data, DevOps, concurrent consent, data holder, data sharing

Intuit, Bank of Montreal include QuickBooks software in bank's API portal

17 Aug 2020 | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) has created an API portal to allow small business clients to share their data with Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software suite.

Bank of Montreal, BMO, Intuit, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, accounting software, API, API portal, small businesses, financial data, online banking, applications, cloud, business payments, bill payments, bill management, payroll, financial information, consent, ownership

Blackhawk Network appoints Moneyhub for leasing compliance solutions and Open Banking standards

11 Aug 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Blackhawk Network has appointed Open Finance data and intelligence platform Moneyhub to deliver its compliance with the Open Banking standards. 

Blackhawk Network, Moneyhub, compliance, Open Banking, standards, Open Finance, consent, payments, financial wellness, API

Chartwell is latest broker to sign up to Credit Assess open banking product

04 Aug 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Click2Check has announced Chartwell Mortgage Services as the latest company to sign up to its Credit Assess online product.

Chartwell, Credit Assess, open banking, credit scoring, data, consent

Most cookie consent requests don't comply with EU data collection regulations

13 Jan 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

According to new research, most consent requests for digital cookies to track users’ web activity do not comply with Europe’s data collection regulations. 

consent requests, cookies, data, trust, consent, data management, GDPR

Nixu pilots flexible data flows between organisations in Finland

16 Dec 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Nixu, a cybersecurity company, has been involved in the implementation of the service pilot conducted in Finland by Vastuu Group and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.

blockchain, data, sharing data, consent, MyData, Finland, Nixu, cybersecurity

Exclusive interview with Scott Farrell on Open Banking in Australia

13 Dec 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

The Paypers sat down with Scott Farrell, Chair of the Australian Government’s Open Banking Review, to take the pulse of the global phenomenon that is Open Banking at this stage of its evolution, with a penchant for the Australian system

Interview, Scott Farrell, Open Banking, Australia, fintech, regulation, consent management, security, authentication, APIs, banks, data

The Bank of Israel publishes guidelines for implementation of the Open Banking standard in Israel

11 Dec 2019 | Payments General

The Bank of Israel has published a draft for public comments of a Proper Conduct of Banking Business directive on "Implementation of Open Banking".

The Bank of Israel, Open Banking, Israel, consent, payments, banks, credit card companies

Digital consent management is key for data opportunities

02 Dec 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

Vincent Brennan, as Deputy Chairman of the Euro Banking Association, explains the intricacies of consent management in the context of Open Banking and PSD2

Vincent Brennan, Euro banking association, PSD2, Open Banking, Open Banking Report, EU Commission Expert Group, KYC framework, CI/CDD, federated bank ID scheme, digital ID, consent management, sharing rights, open data economy, EBA Open Banking Working Group launches first Open Banking sandbox in Australia

26 Nov 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

Fintech has announced the launch of Australia’s first Consumer Data Right compliant Open Banking Sandbox, Consumer Data Right, open banking sandbox, open banking, Australia, open API, open banking regulation, consent management, CDR, banking information API,

Interview with Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Trustee of the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE)

15 Nov 2019 | Online & Mobile Banking

Imran Gulamhuseinwala, OBIE: In order to make Open Banking a success, we need to look beyond PSD2, which, despite being an amazing piece of legislation, it did not have a background of understanding of Open Banking potential when it was created

Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Open Banking Implementation Entity, OBIE, Open Banking, fintech, innovation, UK, PSD2, standardisation, CMA, consent, GDPR, security, authentication

Passbase gets USD 3.6 million to build its full-stack identity engine with a privacy twist

25 Sep 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Passbase, a digital identity startup, has closed a USD 3.6 million seed round, led by Cowboy Ventures and Eniac Ventures, with participation from Seedcamp and other European investors.

Passbase, digital identity, consent layer, privacy, funding, identity verification, facial recognition, document scanning, ID document verification

ForgeRock announces Open Banking and PSD2 Accelerators

25 Jul 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

ForgeRock has announced the Open Banking Accelerators for the banking and payment ecosystem, including TPPs, to jumpstart compliance with UK and Open Banking standards.

ForgeRock, Open Banking, PSD2 Accelerators, digital identity, TPPs, API, security, privacy, consent, compliance

equensWorldline enables 25 banks to achieve PSD2 compliance

11 Jun 2019 | Payments General

As many as 25 banks in seven European countries have reached the first milestone for PSD2 compliance on time, via the PSD2 compliance solution and services from equensWorldline.

equensWorldline, banks, PSD2, compliance, regulation, payments, API, SCA, consent management

Rabobank launches new PSD2 API link for sharing of account information

06 Jun 2019 | Payments General

The Dutch bank Rabobank has started offering a PSD2 API link for sharing account information.

Rabobank, PSD2, API, consent, account information, payments, finance

RBI allows banks to use Aadhaar for e-KYC

30 May 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

The Reserve Bank of India has affirmed that banks can now use Aadhaar for KYC verification, only in cases where consent is given by the customer.

RBI, ban, banks, Aadhaar, e-KYC, India, verification, consent, KYC, identification, privacy, open banking, accounts, identity proof, compliance, wallet, financial institutions, authentication

Interview with Caelum Labs on innovation and self-sovereign identity

03 May 2019 | Interviews

The Paypers interviews Alex Puig to find out more about the work of Caelum Labs on self-sovereign identity solutions

Caelum Labs, blockchain, GDPR, consent, data privacy, self sovereign identity, Spain, Alex Puig, decentralised web, zero knowledge proofs

Salt Edge obtains FCA registration

05 Apr 2019 | Payments General

Salt Edge got registered by the FCA as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) to offer access to financial data in compliance with PSD2/Open Banking in the pan-European space.

Salt Edge, FCA, registration, compliance, consent, fintech, Open Banking, AISP, account, aggregation, data

Mastercard introduces framework for digital ID

27 Mar 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Mastercard has introduced a vision for digital identity, a new paper called Restoring Trust in a Digital World.

Mastercard, digital ID, digital interaction, ownership, confidentiality, consent, transparency, inclusion, privacy, security, data exchange, bank account, taxes, fraud, identity theft