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CBA rolls out lending option for SMEs

28 Aug 2020 | Payments General

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has launched BizExpress Online, a high-speed lending system for small businesses, available through Netbank and the CommBank app. 

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CBA sells 55% stake in Colonial First State

14 May 2020 | Payments General

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has announced selling a majority stake in its Colonial First State wealth management unit. 

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CBA taps into digital receipt app from Australian fintech provider Slyp

11 May 2020 | Payments General

Commonwealth Bank has teamed up with Australian fintech provider Slyp to allow customers to automatically receive an itemised digital receipt in their banking app.

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Commonwealth Bank to shut down 114 branches amid coronavirus downturn

08 May 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Australia-based Commonwealth Bank has announced the temporary shutdown of 114 branches to stave off coronavirus-related downturn.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia reports increase in digital wallet transactions

13 Apr 2020 | Mobile Payments

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia noted that there’s been a significant increase in mobile-based digital payments at point-of-sale (PoS) terminals. 

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Westpac Bank offers support amid COVID-19 for online banking

23 Mar 2020 | Online & Mobile Banking

Australia-based Westpac Bank has announced its support for customers and the community in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation. 

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CBA condemns screen scrapping in Australia

05 Feb 2020 | Payments General

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has publicly hit back against voices in the fintech sector advocating to legitimise screen scraping.

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Commonwealth Bank to launch 25 startups in five years

04 Feb 2020 | Payments General

Commonwealth Bank has pledged to launch 25 new startups over the next five years in a new incubator - to be called X15 Ventures, which it launched in partnership with Microsoft and KPMG.

Commonwealth Bank, startups, innovation, X15 Ventures

Australian open banking undergoes six-month postponement

09 Jan 2020 | Payments General

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has announced the delay of certain open banking reforms in Australia by six months, according to

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Open Banking, Consumer Data Right, open API, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ Bank, National Australia Bank, Australia

ACCC takes the pulse of Australian banks on mortgage pricing

15 Oct 2019 | Payments General

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced launching an inquiry into mortgage pricing.

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ASB Bank rolls out debit card for small business customers

13 Sep 2019 | Cards

ASB Bank, a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia in New Zealand, has launched a new Visa debit card targeted at small business customers.

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CBAs ASB Bank to support trade finance via blockchain offering

28 Aug 2019 | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement

New Zealand-based ASB Bank, currently owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia, has launched a blockchain single trade window to improve trade processes.

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5 new banks join Trade Finance Distribution Initiative

15 Jul 2019 | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement

Five new banks have joined Trade Finance Distribution Initiative, directed at boosting trade finance in Africa.

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Commonwealth Bank brings Apple Pay to customers

24 Jan 2019 | Payments General

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) has started providing Apple Pay, a service that allows customers to make contactless payments with their phones.

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Commonwealth Bank launches Alipay in Australia

21 Dec 2018 | Payments General

The Commonwealth Bank has launched Alipay in Australia and the payment app will be available on the bank’s 94,000 touchscreen devices in stores across the country.

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Sydney extends contactless payment trial

27 Nov 2018 | Payments General

The contactless payments trial run by Transport for NSW, the Commonwealth Bank, Cubic and Mastercard was extended in Sydney.

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