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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Comarch E Invoicing and other Comarch E Invoicing-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Comarch E Invoicing and other Comarch E Invoicing-related topics:

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PEPPOL, Core Invoice Usage Specifications, and the future of e-invoicing - interview with Comarch

Interviews | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 25 Sep 2019

Anna Bawól from Comarch E-invoicing offers an insightful take on the complex developments of the Pan European Public Procurement Online system

Anna Bawól, Comarch, Comarch e-Invoicing, PEPPOL, Pan European Public Procurement Online, Core Invoice Usage Specifications, Europe, e-invoicing, e-procurement, XRechnung, CIUS, Central Invoicing Platform, FatturaPA, Finnish Finvoice, B2B payments, B2G

The challenges of a digitized supply chain

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 09 Sep 2019

Arnaud François, Comarch E-Invoicing, discusses the digitization of companies, supply chain, and the implementation of EDI and electronic invoicing 

Arnaud François, Comarch e-Invoicing, supply chain, digitization, e-invoicing, EDI, Electronic Data Interchange

A world without paper invoices – a utopian idea or the near future?

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 04 Apr 2019

Anna Bawól, Comarch E-Invoicing, discusses global electronic invoicing, local requirements and legal compliance with rules for issuing and archiving digital invoices

Anna Bawól, Comarch e-Invoicing, e-invoicing, compliance, invoice, procurement, PEPPOL Network

Final call to be ready with e-invoicing in Italy from January 2019

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 17 Oct 2018

In order to be timely prepared for the e-invoicing rules in Italy per 1 January 2019, Bartlomiej Wójtowicz from Comarch recommends to start assessing the impact of the new rules on your business

Bartlomiej Wójtowicz, Comarch, case study, e-invoicing, Italy, AP, AR, Comarch e-Invoicing

Accounts Payable - the path to full automated processing in Shared Services model

Interviews | Interviews | 16 Jul 2018

Bartlomiej Wójtowicz, Comarch e-Invoicing: Plenty of multinational corporations have been opening Shared Service Centers for Accounts Payable to consolidate the processes from multiple locations to a central and reduce costs

Bartlomiej Wójtowicz, interview, shared services, Comarch e-Invoicing, invoice, compliance, automation

Checklist for invoice compliance in procure-to-pay processes

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 25 Jun 2018

Bartlomiej Wójtowicz, Product Development Manager at Comarch e-Invoicing, discusses the impact of P2P systems on invoice compliance processes in global companies

Bartlomiej Wójtowicz, Comarch e-Invoicing, invoice, compliance, Procure-to-Pay