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How to manage crypto merchant risks

07 Apr 2020 | Cryptocurrencies

Christian Chmiel, CEO of Web Shield, explains how acquirers and payment service providers (PSPs) manage the risks of the crypto space to grow and prosper

ICOs, crypto-asset, crypto-asset merchants, acquirers, PSPs, Christian Chmiel, KYC, BRAM, merchant onboarding

Addressing the shell company problem

12 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield: Acquirers and PSPs must not only comply with legislation and card scheme requirements, but also effectively manage risk and reputation

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield, case study, fraud, risk, shell company, acquirers, PSPs, customer due diligence, identification, verification

Appearances can be deceiving, especially in marketing

03 May 2019 | Expert Opinion

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield: In the fight against deceptive marketing practices, acquirers and PSPs are under pressure to improve their merchant onboarding and monitoring

Web Shield, Christian Chmiel, deceptive marketing, merchant onboarding, PSPs

How RiskConnect 2018 connected risk and compliance professionals across the payments ecosystem

19 Dec 2018 | Expert Opinion

RiskConnect is the networking conference dedicated to the unsung heroes of the payments industry: the risk professionals, who routinely ferret out fraudsters and expose dubious merchants.

RiskConnect, risk management, underwriting, credit risk, fraud prevention, Web Shield, merchants, Christian Chmiel

Why collaboration is key in the fight against fraud

01 Nov 2018 | Expert Opinion

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield: What is important for any risk expert is to stay curious, informed and get educated continuously so as not to be left behind in the dust

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield, thought leader insights, risk, fraud prevention, fraud, ecommerce fraud, data breache, merchants, RiskConnect

Why merchant due diligence should not stop with onboarding

25 Sep 2018 | Expert Opinion

Christian Chmiel of Web Shield explains why setting up a monitoring regime for the merchants’ websites is crucial in order to avoid fraud risks

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield, case study, merchant, due diligence, onboarding, underwriting, monitoring, fraud, risk