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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Chargebacks and other Chargebacks-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Chargebacks and other Chargebacks-related topics:

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Payment optimisation: how a holistic approach could drive revenue gains

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 22 Feb 2024

Yuval Ziv, President at Nuvei, analyses the complexities of digital payments and emphasises on a holistic approach, including providing local payment options, to streamline payments and drive growth for businesses.

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Euronet acquires Infinitium

News | Online Payments | 15 Feb 2024

US-based financial technology solutions and payments provider Euronet has announced its acquisition of Infinitium, a Singapore-based digital payments company. 

acquisition, ecommerce, merchant fraud, platform, fraud management, chargebacks

Navigating fraud in ecommerce during Valentine's Day in 2024

Interviews | Ecommerce | 14 Feb 2024

Fraud Specialist Brian Davis discusses the state of fraud in the US during this year’s Valentine’s Day, emphasising on the increase in chargebacks and romantic scams.

fraud detection, online fraud, ecommerce, chargebacks, scam, romantic scam, fraud management

The flywheel effect of chargebacks cost US merchants USD 243B in 2023

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 12 Feb 2024

The cost of chargebacks has been on the rise for years. A new study published by Chargebacks911 and the Strawhacker group provides a sobering look at the scale of the problem, while Monica Eaton, CEO and Founder of Chargebacks911, dives deeper into the pressing matter of chargebacks.

chargebacks, friendly fraud, fraud management, fraud detection, fraud prevention, online fraud, credit card, credit card fraud, merchant, checkout optimisation , customer experience, first-party misuse

How to counter the evolving threat of card fraud with graph analysis

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 09 Feb 2024

Marija Solovjova, Head of Fraud AML Disputes Oversight at Ecommpay, explores how graph analysis weaponises the criminals’ network against them to prevent and pre-empt online fraud.

fraud management, online fraud, fraud detection, chargebacks, merchants, ecommerce, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Account fraud, credit card fraud, ATM, account takeover, refund, refund fraud, identity fraud

Why digital identity and AI are the new fraud battleground

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 08 Feb 2024

In a highly digitalised world, identity is a prime target for fraudsters who learned how to leverage AI tools. Amanada Mickleburgh, Director Merchant Fraud Protection at ACI Worldwide, discusses the approach of fighting fire with fire and using the same next-gen tech tools to fight fraudsters.

fraud management, fraud detection, online fraud, chargebacks, fintech, ecommerce, AML, digital payments, behavioural biometrics, digital identity, identity verification, identity fraud, bot attacks, identity theft

First-party fraud: what's next on the horizon after Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 07 Feb 2024

Keith Briscoe, VP of Member Advocacy at Merchant Risk Council (MRC), delves into the intricacies of first-party fraud and discusses what's next after Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0.

cross-border payments, ecommerce, first-party misuse, chargebacks, SCA, Card-not-present fraud, Visa

Accel-KKR to acquire American Express' Accertify

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 18 Jan 2024

Private equity firm Accel-KKR has announced its agreement with American Express to acquire Accertify, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. 

acquisition, chargebacks, fraud management, fraud prevention, merchant fraud

Today's trends in fighting fraud and top ecommerce risks confronting merchants

Interviews | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 18 Jan 2024

We spoke with Jeff Gipson, Director, Digital Fraud Product Management at Discover® Global Network, about today’s trends in fighting fraud and top ecommerce risks confronting merchants.

fraud prevention, ecommerce, merchants, machine learning, luxury goods, customer experience, merchant fraud, artificial intelligence, omnichannel, CNP fraud, Card-not-present fraud, card-on-file, tokenization, chargebacks

Merchant of Record - your key business partner for a successful global expansion

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 17 Jan 2024

Pierre-Henri Paulhe, Nexway’s VP Global Account, explains how embracing a Merchant of Record strategy empowers businesses to overcome the challenges associated with global expansion.


expansion, partnership, ecommerce, merchant, online platform, digital payments, PCI DSS, PCI compliance, chargebacks, fraud detection, online fraud, fraud management, fraud prevention, regulation, ecommerce platform, payments

FIs and merchants join to fight dishonest consumers

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 16 Jan 2024

Chargebacks and friendly fraud represent the main concerns for FIs and merchants across the globe, as businesses lose billions of dollars because of them. David Mattei, Strategic Advisor at Datos Insights, shares exactly how businesses are negatively impacted by chargebacks and what to do to stop the phenomenon.

fraud prevention, ecommerce, FIS, merchants, financial institutions, chargebacks

New Chargebacks911 study shows common chargeback misconceptions among consumers

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Jan 2024

Chargebacks911, an international chargeback management and prevention company, has released the findings of its 2024 Cardholder Dispute Index.  

study, chargebacks, online fraud, friendly fraud, report

Riskified expands chargeback management system

News | Ecommerce | 12 Jan 2024

Ecommerce fraud and risk intelligence company Riskified has announced the expansion of its chargeback management system to help merchants maximise revenue recovery.

fraud prevention, chargebacks, ecommerce, online fraud, artificial intelligence, merchants, automation, fraud detection, payments , fintech, data analytics

Unmasking the top ten fraud types against merchants

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 09 Jan 2024

Úna Dillon, VP of Advocacy at the MRC, discusses the most common ten types of fraud merchants experienced in 2023 and what they should expect for the following year. 

fraud prevention, ecommerce, merchants, merchant fraud, cybercrime, chargebacks, first-party misuse, identity theft, phishing, refund fraud, account takeover, bot attacks

Navigating holiday shopping fraud: from friendly fraud to emerging trends

Voice of the Industry | Online Payments | 20 Dec 2023

Jordan Chavis from the MRC discusses the challenges of the on-going holiday season and how merchants need to mitigate friendly fraud and chargebacks to keep the phenomenon to a minimum and not cause extra friction to the trustworthy shoppers.

chargebacks, friendly fraud, holiday fraud, ecommerce, fraud detection, online fraud, payment fraud, first-party misuse, generative AI, artificial intelligence, scam, account takeover, phishing, online shopping

How reporting tools can reduce friendly fraud while meeting TRA exemptions

Interviews | Online Payments | 15 Dec 2023

Monica Eaton, Founder of Chargebacks911 and Fi911, talks about the role played by reporting tools in reducing friendly fraud, while meeting Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) exemptions.

fraud detection, online fraud, fraud prevention, friendly fraud, chargebacks, first-party misuse, fintech, ecommerce, fraud management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, online payments, payments , API

Sift's Q4 2023 report shows Gen Z and first-party fraud trends

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 14 Dec 2023

Sift has rolled out its Q4 2023 Digital Trust & Safety Index, which reveals that 42% of Gen Z admits to engaging in first party-fraud, among other trends in chargeback.

chargebacks, friendly fraud, APP fraud, report

Expect first party misuse to boom for the 2023 holiday shopping season

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 12 Dec 2023

With this year’s holiday season already booming, Roenen Ben-Ami, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer at Justt, shares some effective tips on how merchants can fight the rising phenomenon of chargebacks and first-party misuse.

fraud detection, online fraud, first-party misuse, friendly fraud, chargebacks, fraud prevention, payment fraud, artificial intelligence, merchants, PSD2, PSD3, 3-D Secure

BHMI and NCR Atleos partner to offer transaction processing software

News | Payments General | 29 Nov 2023

Banking solutions provider NCR Atleos has made a reseller agreement with payments software company BHMI to resell the latter’s Concourse Financial Software Suite.

payment processing, chargebacks, settlement, ATM, POS

Looking into the near-future: the rise of refund abusers and how to tackle them

Interviews | Ecommerce | 28 Nov 2023

Will Wyatt,Vice President of Global Partnerships at Signifyd, discusses the company’ s latest successful partnerships and delves into the main fraud concerns for merchants in 2024.

ecommerce, shopping, online shopping, fraud detection, online fraud, marketplace, retail, payments , refund, refund fraud, spam and abuse, chargebacks, machine learning, friendly fraud