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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Cashfree and other Cashfree-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Cashfree and other Cashfree-related topics:

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Cashfree Payments supports Zepto with secure and smooth payments

News | Mobile Payments | 02 Nov 2022

India-based payments and API banking solution Cashfree Payments has enabled food delivery company Zepto with an augmented checkout experience using its payment gateway.

Cashfree, delivery, UPI, checkout optimisation , mobile payments, API

Welance releases easy payment platform for freelancers

News | Online Payments | 01 Mar 2022

India-based box platform for SMEs, creators, and freelancers, Welance, has recently introduced its scan and pay solution. 

Payoneer, SMEs, product launch, QR code, QR payments, cashless, Cashfree

AmBank and KIP shake hands for cashless transactions

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Jan 2022

Malaysia-based AmBank has partnered with local KIP Group to provide additional cashless payment features via mTAP.

cashless, Cashfree, partnership, merchants, mobile payments, digitalisation

Cashfree Payments' 'Token Vault' to go live on 27 December

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Dec 2021

India-based payments company Cashfree Payments has announced that its tokenisation solution ‘Token Vault’ will go live on 27 December in partnership with Visa and Mastercard.

Cashfree, Visa, Mastercard, tokenization, fraud prevention, debit card, credit card, data protection

Cashfree Payments associates with Mumbai Metro One

News | Mobile Payments | 17 Dec 2021

Cashfree Payments (Cashfree) has associated with Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MMOPL) to enable online payments for metro passengers.

Cashfree, digital payments, QR payments

Cashfree invests USD 15 million in Telr

News | Ecommerce | 02 Dec 2021

India-based fintech Cashfree Payments has announced an equity investment of USD 15 million in UAE-based payment gateway provider Telr to expand in the MENA region.

ecommerce, investment, Cashfree, Telr, payments infrastructure, cross-border payments, BNPL, expansion

Cashfree Payments launches 'Token Vault,' compliant with RBI guidelines

News | Cards | 17 Nov 2021

India-based fintech Cashfree Payments has announced the launch of tokenisation solution ‘Token Vault,’ which saves card network tokens while staying compliant with RBI guidelines.

tokenization, Token, Cashfree, fraud prevention, card on file, product launch

Cashfree Payments launches PAN verification for customer KYC

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Oct 2021

India-based fintech Cashfree has announced that it has launched Permanent Account Number Verification, allowing merchants to do a single or bulk online PAN verification of their customers.

Cashfree, fintech, product launch, identity verification, digital onboarding, digital identity

Cashfree partners Deskera

News | Payments General | 09 Sep 2021

Cashfree has partnered with Deskera, a Singapore-based provider of cloud-based solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Cashfree, partnership, SMEs, cloud, UPI, e-invoicing

Cashfree to launch its BaaS offering, Accounts

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 06 Sep 2021

Cashfree has launched its Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) offering ‘Accounts’ to help neobanks and fintech platforms integrate banking services into their product.

Cashfree, product launch, fintech, BaaS, API, neobanks

Cashfree partners Hylobiz

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 02 Sep 2021

Cashfree has partnered with Hylobiz, a SME distribution value chain-focused neobank, to digitise collections and payouts for its customers.

Cashfree, digitalisation, partnership, SMEs, neobanks, payout, e-invoicing

Cashfree rolls out Easy Split to automate commission payouts

News | Online Payments | 25 Jun 2021

Cashfree has launched Easy Split, an integrated marketplace payment management solution to automate commission payouts for online marketplaces and businesses.

Cashfree, product launch, payout, marketplace, online payments

Cashfree partners Shipway to reduce time on cash on delivery refunds

News | Ecommerce | 25 May 2021

Cashfree has partnered with Shipway, an ecommerce automation platform, for faster processing of cash on delivery (COD) order refunds.

Cashfree, partnership, ecommerce, refund

Cashfree, Dukaan partner to enable digital payment solutions for merchants

News | Ecommerce | 20 Apr 2021

India-based digital payments and banking technology company Cashfree has partnered with Dukaan, a SaaS platform to create online stores, to enable digital customer payment collections and disbursals for merchants who set up their digital stores through the platform. 

Cashfree, online payments, ecommerce, Cashfree partner to offer instant refunds and online payment options to customers

News | Online Payments | 30 Mar 2021

Cashfree has partnered with India-based D2C sleep and home solutions startup to facilitate payments and instant refunds for customers.

Cashfree, partnership, refund, payout, online payments

Cashfree empowers AutoPe Smart Cards to facilitate payments for Delhi Metro commuters

News | Cards | 25 Mar 2021

Cashfree has enabled standing instructions on credit cards for AutoPe, to facilitate payments for Delhi Metro commuters.

Cashfree, partnership, recurring payments, credit card

Cashfree, PayPal partner to enable international payments for merchants

News | Online Payments | 02 Mar 2021

India-based payments and banking technology company Cashfree has announced a partnership with PayPal to enable international payments for merchants.

Cashfree, PayPal, partnership, merchants, online payments

Cashfree launches ecommerce suite to simplify digital payments in India

News | Ecommerce | 12 Feb 2021

India-based payments and banking technology company Cashfree has launched its payments toolkit for ecommerce stores and marketplaces in India. 

Cashfree, ecommerce, India, product launch, payment gateway, online payments, Asia, APAC

Indian digital payments company Cashfree raises USD 35 million

News | Online Payments | 24 Nov 2020

Cashfree, an India-based payments solutions company that helps Indian and global businesses to collect and disburse payments, has received USD 35.3 million as part of its Series B raise.

Cashfree, bank accounts, cards, UPI, wallets, payouts, India, funding, net banking, UPI, merchants, ecommerce

Cashfree, Logisy to increase pre-paid orders for online retailers

News | Ecommerce | 19 Nov 2020

India-based payment gateway Cashfree has announced its partnership with Logisy, a 360° RTO (Return To Origin) fraud prevention company for ecommerce websites. 

Cashfree, Logisy, Return Center, Cash on Delivery, India, Asia, APAC, ecommerce, fraud prevention, online payments