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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Cashback and other Cashback-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Cashback and other Cashback-related topics:

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YouTrip adds the Google Pay payment method

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Dec 2023

Singapore-based multi-currency digital wallet YouTrip has integrated Google Pay as a new contactless payment method for its Android users.

mobile payments, contactless payments, virtual card, cashback, FX

Zil Money augments payroll management with credit card payment option

News | Cards | 15 Nov 2023

US-based fintech Zil Money has launched its universal payroll application, enabling business owners to fund employee salaries using their credit card.

credit card, cashback, product launch, spend management, cash flow

Axis Bank and Fibe launch numberless credit card in India

News | Cards | 11 Oct 2023

India-based Axis Bank and fintech Fibe have partnered to launch a numberless credit card for tech savvy Gen Zs in India.

product launch, partnership, UPI, cashback, Gen Z

ila Bank launches a customisable credit card rewards programme

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 Sep 2023

Bahrain-based ila Bank, a digital mobile-only bank, has launched ila Rewards, a customisable credit card programme supported by Mastercard’s PwR platform.

loyalty programme, cashback, product launch, credit card, digitalisation

Finance super app Curve begins journey as a financial marketplace

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 11 Sep 2023

UK-based fintech Curve has introduced its new app interface, the first step in its mission to becoming an OS for money.

mobile payments, cashback, marketplace, KYC, personal finance management, product upgrade

Shopmium launches Venmo integration to facilitate cashback for shoppers

News | Ecommerce | 25 Aug 2023

France-based cashback app Shopmium has integrated with Venmo to expand its cashback redemption offering.

cashback, ecommerce, mobile payments, shopping, partnership

Greenlight's new credit card facilitates teens in building credit

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 10 Aug 2023

US-based fintech Greenlight has launched Greenlight Family Cash to help teens build credit with their parents before they reach adulthood.

credit card, credit scoring, product launch, cashback, financial inclusion

Italy – overview of key ecommerce insights and trends

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 27 Jul 2023

This is a snapshot of the insights that matter most when measuring the size and type of opportunities in the ecommerce market in Italy.

ecommerce, Ecommerce Europe, cashback, retail, payments , digital payments, online payments, credit card, bank transfer, BNPL, refund, merchants

Food delivery startup Swiggy co-launches credit card with HDFC Bank

News | Cards | 26 Jul 2023

India-based food delivery startup Swiggy has offered its customers a credit card as the company increases effort to drive engagement and retention.

credit card, product launch, loyalty programme, cashback, delivery

Enfuce launches a Visa-branded NBX credit card with Bitcoin cashback

News | Cards | 13 Jul 2023

Finland-based card issuing and processing company Enfuce has launched a Visa credit card in partnership with Norway-based crypto exchange NBX.

credit card, product launch, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, cashback

Douugh launches Pay Now or Pay Later Stockback rewards Mastercard

News | Cards | 15 Jun 2023

Australia-based fintech Douugh has launched the Pay Now or Pay Later Stockback rewards Mastercard to enable Aussies to better control their money.

merchants, BNPL, MasterCard, loyalty programme, cashback

Zimpler launches cross-border payouts through SEPA

News | Payments General | 15 May 2023

Sweden-based fintech Zimpler offering account-to-account (A2A) payment solutions has announced the launch of instant cross-border payouts through SEPA.

product launch, cross-border payments, ecommerce, merchants, B2B payments, B2C, payout, SEPA, bank transfer, account-to-account payment, instant payments, AML, fintech, lending, cashback, payments

Chase and Amazon augment the Amazon Visa card portfolio

News | Cards | 02 May 2023

UK-based bank Chase and Amazon have announced new benefits and features on the Amazon Visa card portfolio, along with updated designs.

retail, Amazon, credit card, Chase, cashback partners Binance Card to offer exclusive discounts

News | Cryptocurrencies | 18 Apr 2023

Cyprus-based has partnered with Binance Card to offer exclusive discounts and cashback in crypto for transportation services.

partnership, web3, debit card, cashback, cryptocurrency

Mercedes-Benz and Maybank launch metal, co-branded credit card

News | Cards | 11 Apr 2023

Mercedes-Benz Financial has partnered with Malaysia-based Maybank to release a co-branded, metal credit card in Malaysia on the Visa payment network.

credit card, loyalty programme, cashback, product launch, partnership

Neo Financial launches Neo Money card as a debit card alternative

News | Cards | 04 Apr 2023

Canada-based fintech Neo Financial has rolled out the Neo Money card to offer the benefits of a chequing account, savings account, and rewards card for no annual fee.

debit card, cashback, product launch, credit card, ATM

Blackcatcard launches new Mastercard cards

News | Payments General | 31 Mar 2023

Fintech Blackcatcard, issued by Papaya, has launched Mastercard plastic cards with new designs and extended capabilities for individuals and businesses alike.

product launch, credit card, virtual card, debit card, payments , B2B payments, ecommerce, MasterCard, online payments, online banking, fintech, neobanks, cybersecurity, cashback, payment methods, banking, IBAN, SEPA

JCB rolls out Vietcombank JCB platinum credit card in Vietnam

News | Cards | 31 Mar 2023

Japan-based payment brand JCB has partnered with the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam to launch the Vietcombank JCB platinum credit card.

credit card, cashback, product launch, JCB, loyalty programme

HDFC Bank, Flipkart Wholesale launch co-branded credit card

News | Ecommerce | 17 Mar 2023

India-based HDFC Bank has partnered with Flipkart Wholesale, the B2B marketplace of Flipkart to launch a co-branded credit card for Kirana members and small merchants.

partnership, product launch, credit card, B2B payments, marketplace, ecommerce, retail, merchants, financial services, financial inclusion, financing , digitalisation, SMEs, payments , digital payments, cashback, fintech supports instant money transfers with Mastercard Send

News | Online Payments | 15 Mar 2023

Global payments solution provider has announced it  will enable instant money transfers from Australia, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore via Mastercard Send.

instalment payments, gig economy, MasterCard, cashback, money transfer, payment processing