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TymeBank, the first digital-only bank in South Africa

10 Sep 2019 | Expert Opinion

A new approach to banking required stringent compliance, the ability to juggle stakeholders and a robust and flexible technology platform

TymeBank, bank, digital-only bank, South African bank, banking technology, disruption, BPC, case study

How to approach global e-invoicing and maximize business profitability

13 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

Rafal Mazur, Business Solution Manager at Comarch on how to approach global e-invoicing and gain maximum profit for a business, based on global companies’ experiences

Rafal Mazur, Comarch, e-invoicing, businesses, case study, regulation, compliance, payments, B2G e-invoicing

Addressing the shell company problem

12 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield: Acquirers and PSPs must not only comply with legislation and card scheme requirements, but also effectively manage risk and reputation

Christian Chmiel, Web Shield, case study, fraud, risk, shell company, acquirers, PSPs, customer due diligence, identification, verification

Geographic business expansion. What is the key to success?

07 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

As the electronic payment market grows, development opportunities surely arise; however, success is not confined to a favourable market. Kostas Noreika of Paysera shares his experience

Kostas Noreika, Paysera, case study, expansion, payments, fintech, electronic payments, money transfer

JustPark brings paying for parking into the digital age

03 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

Working with CyberSource and partner Judopay, JustPark has integrated digital payments to reduce a five-minute process to less than 30 seconds

CyberSource, Judopay, JustPark, The Paypers, case study, integrated digital payments, payments, SLA, merchant, fintech, Google Pay, Apply Pay, Visa,

Advanced Fraud Solutions launches case studies on check and card fraud

11 Jan 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS), a deposit fraud prevention services provider, has released four new case studies.

Advanced Fraud Solutions, case study, check fraud, ACH, card fraud, TrueChecks, credit unions, US