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The effects of coronavirus on SCA implementation

18 May 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Tim Ayling, VP EMEA, buguroo, discusses the potential consequences of delays to payment services regulation due to the COVID-19 crisis

Tim Ayling, buguroo, ecommerce, FCA, SCA, online payments, fraud, online banking, security, authentication, transactions, fraudulent transactions, PSD2, phishing attacks, behavioural biometrics, regulations

buguroo unveils new centre for prevention against COVID-related fraud messages

11 May 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Online fraud prevention specialist buguroo has launched its new COVID-19 Online Banking Fraud Resources Centre.

buguroo, launch, COVID-19, Online Banking, fraud, coronavirus, scams, online fraud, banks, accounts, cybercriminals

Know your fraudster: Protect the good users, prevent the bad from operating

19 Mar 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Pablo de la Riva, CEO at buguroo, discusses how focusing on fraudster identity can help banks uncover entire crime networks without impacting their regular customers

Pablo de la Riva, buguroo, fraud, identity, verification, machine learning, artificial intelligence, banks, cyberattacks, authentication, fraud prevention, behavioural biometrics, geolocation data, Fraudster Hunter, ID checks, digital bank

When onboarding goes overboard: How to counteract New Account Fraud

12 Feb 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Tim Ayling, buguroo, discusses why New Account Fraud is so attractive to fraudsters and how a solution founded in behavioral biometrics is the route to prevent it

Tim Ayling, buguroo, New Account Fraud, onboarding, fraud, accounts, digital banking, financial services, banks, threat intelligence, anti-fraud solutions, synthetic identities, ID documents, financial security, biometrics

buguroo adds account fraud prevention capabilities to its bugFraud

23 Jan 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

buguroo has announced new capabilities that aim to make it easier for banks to identify fraudsters who attempt to open new bank accounts.

buguroo, bugFraud, account fraud, fraud prevention, behavioural biometrics, geolocation, data, malware, bots, banks

Buguroo warns about malicious apps in Google Play

15 Jan 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Buguroo has warned consumers about three malicious applications that are currently available through Google Play.

Buguroo, malicious apps, Google Play, malware, fraud, personal data, passwords, identity, hackers, victims

buguroo raises USD 11 mln, sets its sights on global expansion

26 Nov 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

buguroo has secured USD 11 million in Series A funding to bring its Deep Learning based online fraud detection and prevention technology to more financial services customers.

buguroo, cybersecurity, funding, deep learning

Are you ready to find out if any of your existing users are fraudsters?

19 Nov 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Risk management in banking - Pablo de la Riva, the CEO of buguroo, reveals a way you can stay one step ahead of fraudsters, while also unmasking fraudsters within the banking digital channels

buguroo, fraud prevention, risk management, banking fraud, cybersecurity

buguroo, lookout partner to combat mobile financial fraud

17 Sep 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Lookout and buguroo have partnered to provide a holistic mobile app defense and fraud protection solution to combat mobile financial fraud.

buguroo, lookout, mobile fraud, financial fraud, behavioural analysis

Buguroo added to NICE Actimizes X-Sight Marketplace

18 Jul 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

NICE Actimize has revealed that the online security specialist Buguroo is the latest addition to NICE Actimize’s X-Sight Marketplace.

NICE Actimize, Buguroo, X-Sight Marketplace, security, financial crime, dinancial services, criminal activity, ID verification

MoneyLive Spring 2019: VIDEO interview with Pablo de la Riva, buguroo

29 Mar 2019 | Interviews

During MoneyLive Madrid, The Paypers interviewed Pablo de la Riva, Founder & CEO, buguroo to learn more about ways to fight cybercrime

MoneyLive Madrid, Pablo de la Riva, buguroo, cyber security, malware, cyber attacks, bugFraud, artificial intelligence

MoneyLive: forecasting the future of payments

26 Mar 2019 | Expert Opinion

The accelerating shift from cash to electronic forms, fuelled by the rapid growth of contactless and the adoption of invisible payments are transforming the payments industry

payments, IoT, cryptocurrency payments, cards, SCA, innovation, platform, BigTech, PSD2, regulation, e money directive, Emailage, InAuth, Feedzai, buguroo, fraud prevention