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Brazil's Bluebenx crypto platform suspends withdrawals

News | Cryptocurrencies | 16 Aug 2022

Bluebenx, a Brazil-based cryptocurrency investment platform, has suspended withdrawals for at least six months due to an alleged hack that made the company lose more than USD 31 million.

fraud management, fraud detection, AML, cryptocurrency, blockchain, financial crime

Bank of Russia to launch digital ruble in 2024

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Aug 2022

The Central Bank of Russia has announced its plans to begin the implementation of the digital ruble in 2024.

CBDC, digital currency, central bank, crypto asset, blockchain

BitPay delivers cashback reward for cardholders

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Aug 2022

Provider of Bitcoin and crypto payment services BitPay has partnered with cashback rewards platform Cardlytics to deliver a rewarding programme for BitPay Prepaid card owners.

partnership, loyalty programme, cashback, cash management, prepaid card, blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, online payments, digital wallet, e-wallet, cryptocurrency, crypto asset, crypto

Circle's USDC will back Ethereum 2.0 move

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Aug 2022

Stablecoin provider Circle has announced its intentions to fully support Ethereum’s shift to a proof-of-stake (PoS) chain following the highly anticipated merge event slated for 19 September 2022.

stablecoin, Ethereum, POS, cryptocurrency, blockchain

Coinbase to add NEAR protocol to its listings

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Aug 2022

Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced it added blockchain NEAR Protocol’s native token to its listings.

cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain, crypto

Mercado Libre expands crypto offering across LATAM

News | Cryptocurrencies | 10 Aug 2022

Mercado Libre, Latin America’s ecommerce company, has announced plans to expand its crypto trading feature across the region after a successful start in Brazil.

expansion, cryptocurrency, payment methods, blockchain

Ethereum attracts investors as it merges 2.0 Beacon Chai

News | Cryptocurrencies | 10 Aug 2022

Ethereum has announced it will merge its mainnet with the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chai, moving from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The move is attracting investors.

cryptocurrency, digital currency, blockchain, product launch, expansion

Coinbase partners BlackRock and Meta

News | Cryptocurrencies | 05 Aug 2022

US-based BlackRock has announced its partnership with publicly traded Coinbase to provide its clients with access to cryptocurrency. Coinbase has also partnered with Meta's Instagram platform.

NFT, partnership, cryptocurrency, funding, Bitcoin, blockchain

The Crypto and Digital Assets APPG launches enquiry on UK's crypto sector

News | Cryptocurrencies | 05 Aug 2022

The Crypto and Digital Assets All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), an UK forum for regulators and interested parties, has announced details of an inquiry into the UK Crypto and Digital Assets sector.

cryptocurrency, regulation, crypto, digital assets, blockchain

Magic Eden expands NFT marketplace to Ethereum

News | Cryptocurrencies | 03 Aug 2022

Magic Eden, the NFT marketplace, has announced it will add support for Ethereum starting August 2022. The platform previously announced it would explore multi-chain expansion in the coming months.

NFT, crypto, Ethereum, blockchain, hacking

Paystand acquires Yaydoo to improve its B2B payments capabilities

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 03 Aug 2022

Paystand, a US-based blockchain-enabled B2B payments company, has acquired Yaydoo, a Mexico-based accounts payable startup, to improve its business-to-business payment capabilities. 

acquisition, accounts payable, startup, blockchain, B2B payments

Japan abandons CBDC project

News | Cryptocurrencies | 03 Aug 2022

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has announced it will be abandoning its planned host of central bank digital currency (CBDC) services due to a reported lack of public interest.

CBDC, central bank, digital currency, crypto, blockchain

The changing regime of digital identity verification - Streamlining customer experience and security

Voice of the Industry | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 17 Aug 2022

Soon, the world is expecting a centralised system of digital IDs that will open new doors for KYC portability. Shahid Hanif, CTO and Founder of Shufti Pro, tells us how to prepare for it.

digital identity, identity verification, financial crime, KYC, money laundering, fraud prevention, artificial intelligence, regtech, digital onboarding, blockchain

Tiffany follows other luxury brands to launch NFTs

News | Cryptocurrencies | 03 Aug 2022

Canada-based creator of NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks, has announced that users can buy a handcrafted pendant modeled after their NFT from American luxury jewellery brand, Tiffany & Co.

NFT, blockchain, Ethereum, luxury goods, cryptocurrency, crypto, crypto asset, digital assets, Web 3.0, web3, metaverse

Colombia partners Ripple to put land tiles on blockchain

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Aug 2022

Colombia has partnered with US-based Ripple Labs, the company behind the cryptocurrency XRP, to put land titles on the blockchain to rectify unfair land distribution that has led to armed conflicts.

blockchain, digital assets, regulation, partnership

ChangeX launches token on HydraDEX and Uniswap

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Aug 2022

DeFi project ChangeX has launched its CHANGE token for trading on HydraDEX and Uniswap. The app supports trading pairs to offer a range of possibilities to investors, BTC and ETH cross-chain swaps included.

DeFi, blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange, digital assets, crypto

Polygon and Techstars develop Web 3.0 accelerator programme

News | Payments General | 01 Aug 2022

Decentralised Ethereum scaling platform Polygon has partnered Techstars, a global investment business, to develop a Web 3.0 theme being applied to Techstars’ London Q1 2023 accelerator programme.

Web 3.0, Ethereum, fintech, funding, blockchain

Coinbase to support new Ethereum-based oracle

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Jul 2022

US-based crypto player Coinbase has announced it will be supporting a decentralized Ethereum (ETH)-based oracle.

cryptocurrency exchange, digital assets, crypto asset, blockchain

Minecraft bans NFTs in the game

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Jul 2022

Microsoft, which owns 3D sandbox game Minecraft, has announced a ban for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) being used in the game.

DeFi, NFT, cryptocurrency, blockchain

Minka payment platform to launch its offering in Africa

News | Online Payments | 26 Jul 2022

Abstract: Colombia-based payment platform Minka has planned to launch its real-time payments system across Africa, facilitating money movement.

real-time payments, expansion, API, blockchain, cross-border payments, ERP