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Tempo France and nTokens launch high-tech remittances to Brazil

News | Cryptocurrencies | 29 Sep 2023

Tempo France and nTokens have launched high-tech remittances to Brazil from the EU countries by leveraging Armenotech-designed solutions based on the Stellar blockchain platform. 

digital banking, remittances, money transfer, cross-border payments, blockchain, tokenization

Fireblocks acquires BlockFold

News | Cryptocurrencies | 29 Sep 2023

US-based cryptocurrency custody company Fireblocks has bought BlockFold, a smart contract development and consulting company, to enrich its tokenization capabilities.

tokenization, stablecoin, blockchain, digital assets, growth markets

Zumo launches platform that meets requirements of the FCA's regime for crypto assets

News | Cryptocurrencies | 29 Sep 2023

Zumo has announced a digital asset platform that integrates tech-based requirements of the FCA’s new financial promotions regime for crypto asset firms. 

digital assets, digital wallet, cryptocurrency, regulation, blockchain

Card programmes: moving past traditional complexities

Interviews | Cards | 29 Sep 2023

We sat down with Scott Lucas from Monavate to find out more about the company, explore the key features and benefits of card programmes, and what further improvements should we expect in the future.

card scheme, mobile payments, blockchain

BIS and three central banks test cross-border wholesale CBDCs

News | Payments General | 28 Sep 2023

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the central banks of France, Singapore, and Switzerland have successfully tested cross-border wholesale CBDCs.

partnership, CBDC, cross-border payments, banks, financial institutions, FX , wholesale banking, blockchain, payments infrastructure, tokenization, digital currency

Is the future bright for tokenization? This time, the answer just might be 'yes'.

Voice of the Industry | Payments General | 28 Sep 2023

Matt Higginson of McKinsey discusses why the future of digital asset tokenization holds greater promise than its tumultuous recent history might indicate.

tokenization, digital assets, blockchain, financial services, payments

Binance leaves Russia with sale to CommEX

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Sep 2023

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has entered an agreement to sell its whole of its Russia business to CommEx.

cryptocurrency, blockchain, compliance, acquisition, digital assets

MoneyGram to launch its own non-custodial digital wallet

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Sep 2023

Fintech MoneyGram has planned to launch a non-custodial digital wallet for global users to easily convert between fiat and digital currencies using stablecoin technology.

digital wallet, stablecoin, digital assets, cross-border payments, product launch, API, blockchain

Wirex and Onramper teamed up to increase access to cryptocurrencies

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Sep 2023

Wirex has partnered with Onramper, a fiat-to-crypto onramp aggregator, to offer access to cryptocurrencies in over 190 countries through 120+ payment methods.

cryptocurrency, blockchain, payment methods, Bitcoin, Ethereum, API

Bank ABC leverages J.P. Morgan's Coin Systems for blockchain payments

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Sep 2023

Bahrain-based Bank ABC has leveraged J.P. Morgan's Coin Systems for blockchain payments, following a partnership with the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).

partnership, product launch, blockchain, cross-border payments, digitalisation, payout, financial services

MUFG and Binance Japan explore stablecoin issuance using Progmat platform

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Sep 2023

MUFG and Binance Japan have began a joint study for the issuance of a new stablecoin pegged to fiat currencies, utilising the ‘Progmat Coin’ platform.

stablecoin, cryptocurrency exchange, cryptocurrency, Token, partnership, regulation, compliance, blockchain

Protocol Labs and Consensys partner to help blockchain ventures

News | Cryptocurrencies | 26 Sep 2023

Protocol Labs and Consensys have joined forces to provide support to leading blockchain ventures.

blockchain, funding, DeFi, Open Banking Ecosystem

Fireblocks partners with Asset Reality

News | Cryptocurrencies | 22 Sep 2023

Asset Reality, an end-to-end seized asset solution platform, has integrated with Fireblocks, a platform to manage digital asset operations and build businesses on the blockchain.

blockchain, partnership, cryptocurrency, digital assets

NEC launches three digital finance solutions for Thai fintech challenges

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Sep 2023

NEC Corporation has introduced three modern digital finance solutions that aim to enable the financial industry in Thailand to cope with fintech challenges.

fintech, blockchain, embedded finance, product launch, SaaS

Fipto raises EUR 15 million in a seed funding round

News | Cryptocurrencies | 15 Sep 2023

France-based Treasury Management fintech Fipto has raised EUR 15 million in a seed funding round led by Serena and Motier Ventures.

funding, treasury, blockchain, cryptocurrency

Telegram adds global self-custodial crypto wallet, excluding the US

News | Cryptocurrencies | 14 Sep 2023

Chat app Telegram has integrated a self-custodial crypto wallet to tap into the crypto community that has emerged from its platform and drive crypto adoption.

digital assets, cryptocurrency, digital wallet, crypto asset, blockchain

Opera launches MiniPay, a stablecoin wallet on the Celo blockchain

News | Cryptocurrencies | 14 Sep 2023

Opera has rolled out MiniPay, a Celo blockchain-based wallet integrated directly into the Opera Mini browser, to onboard African users to Web3.

stablecoin, blockchain, digital wallet, DeFi, mobile payments, Ethereum, digital onboarding

India to finalise its individual position on crypto

News | Cryptocurrencies | 11 Sep 2023

India has revealed its intention to finalise its official stance on cryptocurrencies following Group of Twenty (G20) deliberations.

cryptocurrency, regulation, digital assets, blockchain

Ripple agrees to acquire Fortress Trust

News | Cryptocurrencies | 11 Sep 2023

US-based blockchain and crypto solutions company Ripple has agreed to expand its portfolio by acquiring Fortress Trust.

acquisition, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency

Ant Group Digital Technologies launches ZAN brand

News | Cryptocurrencies | 08 Sep 2023

China-based Ant Group Digital Technologies has launched the ZAN brand to offer blockchain application development products and services.

product launch, web3, blockchain, cryptocurrency