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How a struggling economy benefits Latin Americas cryptocurrency market

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 06 Dec 2018

Pablo Magro, OKCoin’s Business Development Manager shares his view on the potential for growth for the cryptocurrencies market in Latin America.

OKCoin, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, Latin America, Pablo Magro, Bitcoin ban

India about to ban cryptocurrency use

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Nov 2018

Indian financial authorities have decided to ban cryptocurrency use in India, but not distributed ledger technologies.

cryptocurrency, crypto trading, blockchain, Bitcoin ban, India, distributed ledger technologies

Indian crypto exchange stops trading over banking ban

News | Cryptocurrencies | 02 Oct 2018

Zebpay, an India-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced it is stopping its trading service.

Zebpay, cryptocurrency, crypto exchange, India, Bitcoin ban, cryptocurrency trading, crypto wallet

Facebook to ease ban on cryptocurrency related ads

News | Cryptocurrencies | 27 Jun 2018

Facebook has decided to allow certain ads promoting cryptocurrency and related content from pre-approved advertisers, according to Reuters.

Bitcoin ban, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Facebook, cryptocurrency ads

Microsofts Bing to ban cryptocurrency advertisements

News | Cryptocurrencies | 16 May 2018

Microsoft has announced that its search engine, Bing, will no longer show advertising for cryptocurrency, related products, and unregulated binary options.

Microsoft, Bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency, ICO, Facebook, Bitcoin ban, Google, Bing

Barclays to ban credit card transactions involving Bitcoin purchase in US

News | Cryptocurrencies | 12 Feb 2018

Barclays is likely to follow other large lenders in the US in stopping customers from buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with their credit cards, according to Reuters.

Barclays, Bitcoin ban, cryptocurrency, crypto purchasing, credit card, debit card, banks, US

Facebook bans Bitcoin and ICOs ads

News | Cryptocurrencies | 31 Jan 2018

Facebook has announced a ban on advertisements for “binary options, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency”, according to CNBC.

Facebook, Bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency, ICO, Tether, Bitfinex, AriseBank, Bitcoin ban

Vietnams Central Bank considers banning cryptocurrency

News | Cryptocurrencies | 30 Oct 2017

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has completed the legal framework for digital currencies, according to local publications.

State Bank of Vietnam, SBV, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Vietnam, law, regulation, Bitcoin ban