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Quantexa raises USD 64.7 million to boost big data and analytics ecosystem

23 Jul 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Quantexa, a contextual decision intelligence software company, has closed a Series C round, raising a further USD 64.7 million in funding.

Quantexa, money laundering, financial crime, data analytics, big data, Contextual Decision Intelligence, funding

Banco Santander selects AML solutions' from ThetaRay for correspondent banking

05 Jun 2020 | Payments General

ThetaRay, a provider of AI-based Big Data analytics, has signed an agreement under which Banco Santander will employ ThetaRay's anti-money laundering (AML) solution for correspondent banking.

correspondent banking, banking, AML, AI, Big Data, financial crime, partnership, banks, ThetaRay

OakNorth to provide a credit platform for Customer Bank

09 Apr 2020 | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement

UK-based credit and monitoring platform OakNorth has signed a commercial agreement with Customers Bank in its US bank partnership.

OakNorth, US, Customers Bank, credit, partnership, loan, COVID-19, big data, AI, NIBC, OIMIO, Netherlands, SMEs

EBA identifies trends and lessons learned in financial education and literacy initiatives

31 Mar 2020 | Payments General

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published its second edition of the Financial Education Report (FER).

EBA, financial education, report, financial innovation, big data, regulation, European Banking Authority, banking

Ecommerce giant aims to surpass its rival Alibaba

30 Mar 2020 | Ecommerce

China-based ecommerce company has panned to become the tech platform of choice for US customers in a cloud computing market dominated by Alibaba.

China, ecommerce, Alibaba,, accounts, retail, delivery network, artificial intelligence, big data, AI, online delivery

Kakao Talk's Business Solution integrates Cafe24

25 Mar 2020 | Ecommerce

Cafe24, a global ecommerce platform, has announced that it is integrating its platform to Kakao’s account-based business solution, Kakao Sync.

Kakao Sync, ecommerce, merchants, Korea, Kakao Talk Biz Message, big data, data analytics, Cafe24

Tookitaki deepens partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions to fight ML

17 Feb 2020 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Tookitaki has deepened its partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions, a provider of investor communications, technology-driven solutions, and data analytics to the financial services industry.

AI, machine learning, Big Data, money laundering, financial institutions, compliance, fraud prevention, financial crime, Singapore, Tookitaki

[VIDEO] In the transactional internet we will have control of our own data: interview with Douwe Lycklama, INNOPAY

06 Dec 2019 | Payments General

The Paypers talks with Douwe Lycklama, Innopay, co-author of ‘Everything Transaction’ about the transactional Internet, data, trust and more

Chiel Liezenberg, Douwe Lycklama, Shikko Nijland, Innopay, blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, biometrics, data, trust, transactional internet

Cloud computing the most important technology for treasurers, survey finds

14 Oct 2019 | Payments General

New survey has revealed cloud computing will be the most important technology for treasurers over the next five years, followed by big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Cloud computing, survey, Deutsche Bank, treasurers, big data analytics, artificial intelligence

Staples Canada launches digital platform on Shopify Plus

12 Jul 2019 | Ecommerce

Staples Canada has announced the launch of a new digital platform built on Shopify Plus.

Staples Canada, digital platform, Shopify Plus, ecommerce, big data

The smart use of data analytics for personalisation of payment methods

11 Jul 2019 | Expert Opinion

Ramya Alagappan, Senior Consultant: Drawing the line in the right place is paramount in the usage of data analytics for a personalised experience

Ramya Alagappan, data analytics, payment methods, merchants, retail, digitisation, big data, e-wallets, cards, cash

Jumptuit develops inter-industry data protection platform

17 Jun 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

Jumptuit has developed an inter-industry data protection platform to respond to the changing regulatory environment across market sectors and jurisdictions around the world.

Jumptuit, data protection platform, Big Data, artificial intelligence, cyber, blockchain, Data Rights Matrix, US

Radial, Ingenico partner for support in retailer payment experience

23 May 2019 | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud

The ecommerce division of Ingenico Group, Ingenico ePayments, has been selected as the payment partner for Radial, a bpost group company.

Radial, Ingenico, partnership, retailers, payment experience, risk, online payments, mobile payments, fraud protection, big data, ML, fraud liability, security

Germanys Wirecard to receive USD 1 billion from Japans Softbank

24 Apr 2019 | Online Payments

Japan’s Softbank has announced plans to buy a 5.6% stake in Germany’s Wirecard for around USD 1 billion joining forces in the digital payments sector.

Wirecard, Softbank, funding, Japan, Germany, ecommerce, digital payments, AI, Big Data, online payments

IBM strikes USD 700 mln deal with Santander to accelerate transformation

15 Feb 2019 | Payments General

IBM and Banco Santander have announced a five-year global technology agreement valued at approximately USD 700 million to enable Santander Group to accelerate and deepen its business transformation.

IBM, Santander, partnership, technology, AI, blockchain, big data, security

Rambus, Worldline team up to deliver ITSO smart tickets across the UK

04 Feb 2019 | Payments General

Rambus and Worldline have announced the expansion of their collaboration to deliver ITSO smart tickets in trains and at stations in the UK.

Rambus, Worldline, partnership, ITSO, smart tickets, the UK, remote ticket download, RTD, smartcards, mobile payments, IoT, Big Data

Thailand-based Central JD Fintech to launch digital wallet

31 Jan 2019 | Payments General

Central JD Fintech has announced the launch of a digital wallet called Dolfin Wallet, the result of a collaboration between Bangkok Bank and Kasikornbank.

Central JD Fintech, Bangkok Bank, Kasikornbank, Dolfin Wallet, digital wallet, Thailand, e-KYC, artificial intelligence, big data

Cross-border ecommerce platform NetEase Kaola widens its offline presence

25 Jan 2019 | Ecommerce

Cross-border ecommerce platform NetEase Kaola has planned to open 15 new brick-and-mortar stores during 2019, aiming to keep up with the retail boom in China.

NetEase Kaola, cross-border ecommerce, brick-and-mortar, China, retail, stock keeping units, SKUs, big data, ecommerce

Alibaba acquires Germany-based big data startup Data Artisans for USD 103 mln

09 Jan 2019 | Payments General

Alibaba has acquired Data Artisans, a Germany-based startup providing large-scale data streaming services for enterprises, for USD 103 million.

Alibaba, Data Artisans, Germany, big data, startup

Bettium announces initial listing of BETT

05 Dec 2018 | Cryptocurrencies

The Bettium sports betting blockchain platform has announced the initial listing of its utility token BETT on the BTCEXA exchange in pair with ETH.

Bettium, listing, token, exchange, blockchain, AI, regulations, Big Data, decentralised platform