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Keeping up with digitalisation: author Chris Skinner on 'Doing Digital'

21 Sep 2020 | Payments General

Banking Circle interviews Chris Skinner, author of the bestselling books Digital Bank, about how banks are approaching digitalisation, the risks for those that fail to keep up, and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry

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Banking Circle introduces new solutions for payments transparency

09 Sep 2020 | Payments General

Financial infrastructure provider Banking Circle has introduced new Payments on Behalf of (POBO) and Collections on Behalf of (COBO) solutions to tackle compliance and reconciliation issues.

Banking Circle, payments, financial infrastructure, payments on behalf of, POBO, collections on behalf of, COBO, compliance, reconciliation, B2B payments, banks, payments business, cashflow, financial institutions, SWIFT, FasterPayments, CHAPS, SEPA, local clearing

Banking Circle adds Polish Zloty to its local currency payout capabilities

16 Jul 2020 | Online Payments

Banking Circle, the financial infrastructure provider, has added Polish Zloty (PLN) to its local currency payout capabilities. 

Banking Circle, Polish Zloty, payout, payments, banks, lending, compliance, FX

20/20 hindsight will help payments businesses fast-track digital success

30 Jun 2020 | Payments General

The Paypers interviews Anders la Cour, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Banking Circle which recently published the first in a series of white papers looking at the impact of COVID-19 as part of a bigger picture of change for the payments industry

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, payments, COVID-19, banks, fintech, digitalisation, white paper, financial institutions, interview

USD Amazon collections available to Banking Circle clients

05 Jun 2020 | Ecommerce

Payments businesses have now the possibility to offer their marketplace sellers virtual IBANs to collect the proceeds of their online Amazon store in the US via Banking Circle.

SEPA credits, ACH credits, IBANs, Amazon, Banking Circle, EU marketplaces, Faster Payment credits, merchants, virtual IBAN, SMEs

Banking Circle study finds SMEs were borrowing funds to pay business costs even before COVID-19

28 May 2020 | Payments General

Banking Circle has found that nearly two thirds (64.6%) of online merchants have needed extra finance in the past two years (excluding borrowing due to the current COVID-19 crisis).

FX rates, loans, SMEs, banking, fintech, merchants, Europe, study, cross border payments, payroll, business costs, settlement accounts, Banking Circle

Mind the Gap: How payments providers can fill a banking gap for online merchants - Banking Circle White Paper

14 May 2020 | Payments General

The white paper provides insights into the contrasting picture across different European geographies, identifying how Banks and Payments businesses can fill the gap and help SME merchants compete, grow and prosper.

Banking Circle, SME, merchants, white paper, banks, alternative lending, payments, United Kingdom, survey, SMEs trading

The payments sector has the tools to respond to the new challenge

05 May 2020 | Online Payments

Anders la Cour of Banking Circle on how the landscape for access to payments services and funding has changed during the crisis

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, payments, merchants, COVID-19, online marketplaces, SMEs, banks, fintech, small businesses

Completing the circle – from payments to banking

30 Mar 2020 | Payments General

The Paypers interviews Anders la Cour, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Banking Circle, which recently received its Banking Licence and launched as a financial infrastructure provider

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, Banking Licence, banking, interview, payments

Bridging borders with payments

16 Mar 2020 | Payments General

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle: With many PSPs and other providers already delivering innovative ‘point’ solutions, and many ambitious SMEs currently underserved by their existing bank, the opportunity to build bridges and connect solutions is ready and waiting

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, SMEs, payments, financial inclusion, PSPs, small businesses

Banking Circle secures banking licence

27 Feb 2020 | Payments General

Banking Circle has received its Banking Licence from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg

Banking Circle, banking licence, payments, banking, cross-border payments, lending, financial inclusion

The quest for the B2B cross-border payments Grail - Lessons from 2019

20 Dec 2019 | Payments General

Just before 2019 draws to a close, here’s a brief overview of the relevant stories that marked this year in the B2B cross-border payments space, accompanied by some food for thought for 2020

B2B payments, B2B cross-border payments, blockchain, partnerships, Visa, Mesh Payments, Banking Circle, PPRO, Transfermate, Instarem, Flutterware, Sabre, Tradeshift, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Dwolla, AccountsIQ, Marco Vava, Sibos, Swift, SEPA, PEPSI, 2019, retrospective

Banking Circle helps Ixaris streamline travel industry payments

28 Nov 2019 | Payments General

Payments optimisation company Ixaris is partnering with financial utility Banking Circle to deliver the travel industry’s a comprehensive payments solution

Banking Circle, Ixaris, B2B banking, travel, payments, banking, cross-border B2B payments, Virtual IBAN, FX

Cardstream partners with Banking Circle to create lending service

21 Nov 2019 | Payments General

Independent payment solutions provider Cardstream has partnered with Banking Circle to pioneer a joint white label lending solution. 

Cardstream, Banking Circle, lending, payments, merchants, financing, financial inclusion, fintech, FX

Latest research highlights the vital role of PSPs in increasing SME financial inclusion

28 Oct 2019 | Payments General

Open Banking Report 2019 Money20/20 USA has played host to the launch of the latest Banking Circle insight paper. ‘Pay, Set, Match! Payment services for SMEs – Jump-starting a virtuous digital payment circle’, uncovers the challenges and opportunities for payment providers serving SMEs.

Banking Circle, financial inclusion, SMEs, banking, whitepaper, payments, PSPs

Saving SMEs one payment at a time

15 Oct 2019 | Expert Opinion

Anders la Cour, Co-founder and CEO of Banking Circle, discusses the findings of the financial utility’s latest insight paper, uncovering the challenges and opportunities ahead for SME payment providers

Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, financial inclusion, SMEs, technology, finance, banking, payments, digital

Banking Circle paper explores opportunities for banks to work with SMEs

24 Sep 2019 | Payments General

UK-based financial utility provider Banking Circle has launched its insight paper, ‘Circle of Trust or out of the loop?’.

Banking Circle, white paper, reseach, study, SME, financial utility, financial inclusion, alternative lending, UK, Europe, Circle of Trust or out of the loop?, B2B banking

Merchant lending: reimagining business loans

21 Jun 2019 | Expert Opinion

Tom Longhurst, Banking Circle Sales Director, discusses how payment providers can offer merchant customers affordable, flexible loans and change the lending landscape by working with financial utilities

Tom Longhurst, Banking Circle, business, business loans, lending, payments, merchants, financial utilities, fintech, SMEs

[VIDEO] Money 20/20 Europe: Interview with Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, on financial inclusion for SMEs in Europe

18 Jun 2019 | Interviews

During Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, The Paypers interviewed Banking Circle CEO Anders la Cour to learn more about the new white paper on financial inclusion for SMEs in Europe

Money 20/20 2019, interview, Anders la Cour, Banking Circle, financial inclusion, SMEs, white paper, Europe

Banking Circle launches white paper on financial inclusion for businesses

03 Jun 2019 | Payments General

UK-based financial utility Banking Circle has commissioned a research to be launched at Money 20/20, on what causes financial exclusion for SMEs and how to change this.

Banking Circle, MagnaCarta Communications, payments, white paper, research, independent research, financial inclusion, financial exclusion, access to funds, funding, SMEs, small and medium sized enterprises, B2B payments