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Subaio, ABN AMRO launch next-of-kin product (death tech)

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 20 Sep 2021

Subaio and ABN AMRO have launch a death tech solution to give deceased bank customers a better last farewell, according to Subaio’s press release.

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Degussa Bank and Tink announce Placons app launch

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Sep 2021

Germany-based bank Degussa Bank and Open Banking platform Tink have announced the launch of the personal finance management (PFM) app Placons in Germany as part of their Open Banking technology partnership.

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vivid expands cashback program

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Sep 2021

Germany-based fintech Vivid has announced expanding their cashback programme and opening it up to all customers.

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ING deactivates categories and budget planning

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 10 Sep 2021

Netherlands-based bank ING has announced deactivating budget planning and categorisation in its banking application on 23 September 2021.

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Aldi introduces Alipay

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Sep 2021

Germany-based supermarket chain Aldi Süd has announced expanding its payment options to include Alipay, the payment system of the China-based technology company Alibaba Group.

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Penta raises EUR 15 million

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 19 Aug 2021

Germany-based business banking company Penta has received EUR 15 million from its existing investors. 

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C24 Bank introduces joint accounts

News | Cards | 19 Aug 2021

Germany-based C24 Bank has introduced the joint management of accounts.

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Itau upgrades iti to anticipate Open Finance in Brazil

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 Aug 2021

iti, Itau Unibanco's free digital account, has released a feature that anticipates the Brazilian Open Finance coming into operation: the balance aggregator, according to

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Bank Zero launches in South Africa

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 12 Aug 2021

Bank Zero, a digital-only bank offering its services via a smartphone app, has launched in South Africa, according to

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Unity Bank unveils USSD platform to fight e-banking fraud

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 09 Aug 2021

Unity Bank has rolled out a new code on its USSD platform that reportedly puts the customer in control of his Bank Account against any e-banking fraud, according to

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Penta expands account models 

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 06 Aug 2021

Germany-based business banking platform Penta has announced introducing 3 account models: Starter, Comfort and Enterprise. 

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13 Canadian FIs support Interac to introduce instant digital payments for businesses

News | Online Payments | 04 Aug 2021

Interac, with the support of 13 Canadian financial institutions, has launched Interac e-Transfer for Business, a solution that builds on the widespread adoption of the Interac e-Transfer service.

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STICPAY announces local bank wire service in Hong Kong

News | Online Payments | 03 Aug 2021

US-based e-wallet payment provider STICPAY has announced a new local bank wire service in Hong Kong.

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Tesco Bank to close its current accounts

News | Payments General | 30 Jul 2021

Tesco Bank has said it will close all its current accounts because most customers are no longer using them, according to BBC.

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MX partners with Dwolla to automate account verification

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 28 Jul 2021

US-based fintech MX has partnered with payments platform Dwolla to automate account verification tool experienceMX.

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Conotoxia enables bank account payments

News | Online Payments | 14 Jul 2021

US-based multi-currency financial services portal Conotoxia has announced that they have enabled bank account payments for customers.

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SWIFT rolls out real time account verification

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 08 Jul 2021

SWIFT has announced the go-live of a service that will enable banks to verify payee account details before an international payment is sent.

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iBanFirst launches Open Banking barometers

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 29 Jun 2021

Belgium-based financial services provider iBanFirst, has announced the introduction of an Open Banking function aimed at simplifying payment transactions for corporate customers.

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Xi'an Bank and Hainan Bank take part in China's CBDC trials

News | Payments General | 18 Jun 2021

Xi’an Bank and Hainan Bank are the latest Chinese banks to begin participating in the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) trials, Chinese media agency Sohu has reported.

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Germans want inexpensive accounts with simple online banking, study shows

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 15 Jun 2021

France-based management and IT consultancy Sopra Steria has released a study examining the criteria according to which customers choose their bank when choosing a new current account. 

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