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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on AR and other AR-related topics:

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Toyota, Billtrust to provide B2B payments to dealers

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 09 Dec 2020

Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has partnered with Billtrust to offer their dealers access to Billtrust's invoicing, payments, cash application, collections software, and business payments network.

Toyota, Billtrust, partnership, B2B, payments , invoicing, accounts receivable, AR, remittance, collections

Billtrust acquired by South Mountain

News | E-invoicing, SCF & E-procurement | 20 Oct 2020

Billtrust, a B2B order-to-cash solutions provider, and South Mountain Merger Corporation have entered into a definitive business combination agreement.

B2B commerce, accounts receivable, AR, Business Payments Network, ERP, B2B payments, invoicing, Billtrust, automation

GoCardless, YayPay partner for B2B payments

News | Payments General | 10 Jun 2020

UK-based fintech GoCardless has partnered with Accounts Receivable (AR) automation solutions company YayPay to provide direct debit payments to customers.

GoCardless, YayPay, UK, US, B2B payments, accounts receivable, AR, automation, direct debit payments, bank debit, International Payments, cross-border payments, cashflow

B2B payments company Billtrust hit by ransomware

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 23 Oct 2019

Billtrust, a B2B payments provider, is still recovering from a ransomware attack that began last week, according to security researcher Brian Krebs.

Billtrust, payments provider, eInvoicing, B2B, automation, AR, ransomware, fraud prevention, cybersec, US

Dash, Aircoins to power cryptocurrency treasure hunt in AR

News | Cryptocurrencies | 14 Jun 2019

Dash, a digital currency for payments and ecommerce, has teamed up with cryptocurrency augmented reality (AR) app, Aircoins.

Dash, Aircoins, cryptocurrency, AR, ecommerce, crypto payments, gaming, partnership

NexTech announces Try-It-On augmented reality experience for online retail

News | Ecommerce | 22 Feb 2019

NexTech AR Solutions has announced the release of its ‘Try-It-On’ augmented reality (AR) experience for online retail.

NexTech, Try-It-On, Augmented Reality, AR, online retail, ecommerce

NexTech integrates API analytics into its AR ecommerce platform

News | Ecommerce | 07 Jan 2019

NexTech AR has integrated the Experience API (xAPI) into its patent pending, web-enabled AR ecommerce platform.

NexTech, API analytics, AR, AI, ecommerce, IBM Watson

Final call to be ready with e-invoicing in Italy from January 2019

Voice of the Industry | Expert Opinion | 17 Oct 2018

In order to be timely prepared for the e-invoicing rules in Italy per 1 January 2019, Bartlomiej Wójtowicz from Comarch recommends to start assessing the impact of the new rules on your business

Bartlomiej Wójtowicz, Comarch, case study, e-invoicing, Italy, AP, AR, Comarch e-Invoicing