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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Android and other Android-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Android and other Android-related topics:

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Westpac launches cloud merchant terminal app

News | Payments General | 13 Oct 2023

Australia-based bank Westpac has launched a cloud merchant terminal app developed in partnership with payments fintech mx51 to support retail and hospitality businesses.

product launch, partnership, paytech, eftpos, Android, SoftPOS, payments , retail, merchants, payment processing

Google Wallet in Canada can finally use cards from TD Bank

News | Mobile Payments | 06 Oct 2023

Canada-based TD Bank has launched support for NFC payments on Android phones with Google Wallet.

mobile payments, digital wallet, expansion, NFC, Android

PAX delivers smart payment technology to Virgin Australia

News | Mobile Payments | 20 Sep 2023

Payment terminal solutions provider PAX Technology has deployed payment devices to Virgin Australia, increasing its penetration of the Australian transport sector.

POS, travel payments, Android, partnership, fintech

Phos partners with Tyl by NatWest to deliver Android SoftPoS in the UK

News | Mobile Payments | 09 Jun 2023

SoftPoS orchestrator Phos by Ingenico has partnered with NatWest to launch their Tap to Pay solution for its payment service Tyl by NatWest on Android devices.

SoftPOS, Tap-to-Pay, mobile payments, Android, NFC, merchants

CaixaBank's new app that enables payment acceptance on mobile phones

News | Mobile Payments | 26 May 2023

Spain-based financial group CaixaBank has launched Smatphone TPV, an app that enables businesses to accept card payment from their mobile phones.

product launch, mobile payments, NFC, Android, POS

Stripe launches a customisable smart reader

News | Payments General | 03 May 2023

Financial infrastructure platform Stripe has launched a customisable Android-based smart reader to help businesses unify their online and in-person payment experiences.

product launch, POS, card terminal, PSP, payment processing, omnichannel, ecommerce, payment gateway, payments , financial services, shopping, data aggregation, fintech, merchants, API, checkout optimisation , Android

Paynt and Softpay to deliver next-gen solutions in contactless payments

News | Mobile Payments | 26 Apr 2023

Lithuania-based acquirer Paynt has partnered with SoftPOS provider Softpay to meet the growing demand for contactless payment acceptance solutions.

POS, SoftPOS, partnership, contactless payments, Android

Viva Wallet and Elo embed all payments into Elo mobile Android devices

News | Payments General | 24 Apr 2023

Neobank Viva Wallet has partnered with Elo to enable merchants to accept Chip & PIN and Tap-on-Phone contactless payments with one device.

Viva Wallet, POS, retail, checkout optimisation , omnichannel, Android

Aevi, XAC bring payment solutions to ISOs

News | Payments General | 21 Apr 2023

Fintech Aevi has partnered with XAC Automation Corporation to deliver an Android Starter Pack, a compact and integrated payment solution for entry-level merchants.

partnership, payments , product launch, omnichannel payments solution, payment methods, payment processing, Android, POS, SoftPOS, digital payments, terminals, ecommerce, merchants, retail, financial services, fintech, ISO

Google to open up UK in-app payments to satisfy regulator's concerns

News | Mobile Payments | 21 Apr 2023

UK regulators have said that proposals from Google to allow third-party payment providers for app developers may be sufficient to address in-app payment concerns.

Google Pay, Android, regulation, mobile payments, digital wallet

Miura rolls out Android Smart POS payment device

News | Payments General | 21 Apr 2023

UK-based payment hardware provider Miura Systems has announced the launch of its new Miura Smart Android POS (MSAP) payment device.

POS, Android, merchants, mobile payments, cloud services

Stripe launches unified commerce solutions in Australia

News | Payments General | 21 Apr 2023

Financial infrastructure platform for businesses Stripe has announced the launch of its suite of unified commerce solutions in Australia.

product launch, expansion, payments , contactless payments, ecommerce, unified commerce, POS, eftpos, SoftPOS, Tap-to-Pay, Android, Visa, MasterCard, credit card, debit card, mobile payments, payment methods, fintech, merchants

Square launches Tap to Pay on Android

News | Payments General | 19 Apr 2023

US-based payments platform Square has announced the launch of Tap to Pay on Android for sellers across the US, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, and the UK.

product launch, Tap-to-Pay, contactless payments, payments , payment methods, credit card, debit card, digital wallet, Google Pay, Android, fintech, ecommerce, merchants, commerce, POS, shopping, software, mobile payments

PAX launches suite of Android payment devices

News | Payments General | 30 Mar 2023

Payment terminal solutions provider PAX Technology has announced the launch of new a suite of Android SmartPOS and Android EPOS payment devices.

product launch, POS, SoftPOS, EPoS, terminal, payment processor, B2B payments, PSP, merchants, banks, fintech, ecommerce, shopping, transactions , financial data, Android, payment methods, contactless payments, EMV

Raiffeisen, Entrust expand digital card services in Austria

News | Online Payments | 06 Mar 2023

Identities, payments and data provider Entrust have enabled Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) and its processing centre RPC to expand their digital card services in Austria.

partnership, payments , digital payments, NFC, tokenization, digital wallet, Android, payment processing, customer experience, digitalisation, omnichannel, online platform, fintech, banking, mobile payments, contactless payments, payments infrastructure, product launch, expansion

myPOS launches new products for SMEs

News | Mobile Payments | 01 Mar 2023

UK-based fintech platform myPOS has launched myPOS Go 2, the next generation of myPOS Go, a device that allows SMEs to take their business anywhere.

SMEs, POS, mobile payments, product launch, Android, ecommerce, merchants

Stripe launches Tap to Pay on Android

News | Payments General | 23 Feb 2023

Financial infrastructure platform for businesses Stripe has launched Tap to Pay on Android to enable businesses in six countries to accept in-person, contactless payments.

product launch, Tap-to-Pay, Android, contactless payments, mobile payments, POS, payments , API, unified commerce, payment methods, platform, ecommerce, fintech

Elo and FreedomPay augment the digital in-store experience

News | Ecommerce | 18 Jan 2023

Commerce platform FreedomPay has integrated Elo’s M60 Pay handheld computer in its commerce technology to augment the checkout experience.

checkout optimisation , Android, NFC, mobile payments, QR payments, ecommerce

Live Payments rolls out LiveTap to expand contactless payments in Australia

News | Mobile Payments | 02 Nov 2022

Australia-based payment service provider Live Payments has launched its Tap to Phone contactless payment product LiveTap to boost contactless payment acceptance in Australia.

mobile payments, contactless payments, NFC, Android, SMEs

NAB launches Easy Tap, a mobile payment acceptance solution

News | Mobile Payments | 17 Oct 2022

Australia-based bank NAB has rolled out Easy Tap to allow small businesses to accept contactless payments on their smartphones or tablets.

mobile payments, contactless payments, SMEs, merchant, Android