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Found 16 results in 1 second. unveils payment tools for Covid-19 support

News | Payments General | 07 Apr 2020

Payments technology company, part of Trust Payments, has introduced solutions to support partners and merchants in Malta amid the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, reports Electronic Payments International., payment, COVID-19, Malta

Secure Trading, chosen by CoinLoan to enter the crypto field

News | Cryptocurrencies | 23 May 2019

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending start-up CoinLoan has chosen Secure Trading Group and to provide payment gateway and acquiring services.

Secure Trading,, cryptocurrencies, CoinLoan, P2P, payment gateway, acquiring services, crypto vertical, merchants, lending platform, loans, partnership, authorisation, payments to provide merchant services to Yourpay

News | Online Payments | 01 May 2019

Secure Trading has announced that has been taken on by Yourpay, a Denmark-based provider of omnichannel payment gateway services., Secure Trading, merchant, Yourpay, Denmark

Secure Trading, A&B General partner for money remittance service

News | Online Payments | 24 Apr 2019

Secure Trading and have been selected by money remittance company A&B General to provide payment gateway and acquiring services to their merchants.

Secure Trading, A&B General,, money remittance, merchant

Secure Trading expands into remittance market with Vala

News | Online Payments | 04 Apr 2019

Secure Trading has partnered with Vala to help connect the gateway and acquiring arms of the business with remittance companies.

Secure Trading, remittances, Vala,, payment gateway, merchant acquiring

Secure Trading Group, Dijitul sign payment gateway, acquiring deal

News | Online Payments | 18 Mar 2019

Secure Trading and have announced a new payments gateway and acquiring partnership with Dijitul.

Secure Trading Group, Dijitul, payment gateway, merchant acquiring,

Free Racing Tips selects Secure Trading for integrated gateway, acquiring services

News | Online Payments | 05 Mar 2019

Secure Trading and have been selected by Free Racing Tips to offer payment gateway and merchant services for online memberships.

Free Racing Tips, Secure Trading,, payment gateway, merchant acquiring

theKeyCollections selects Secure Trading for payment gateway services

News | Online Payments | 22 Feb 2019

Secure Trading has announced a partnership with theKeyCollections for payment gateway services.

theKeyCollections, Secure Trading, payment gateway, Guestline,

Secure Trading, The Tonic partner for payments and acquiring solutions

News | Online Payments | 28 Jan 2019

Secure Trading has announced that it will provide an integrated payments ecosystem of payment gateway and acquiring solutions to CBD oil business The Tonic.

Secure Trading,, The Tonic, payment solution, acquiring solution, payment gateway

Secure Trading to provide acquiring solutions for fourfive CBD

News | Online Payments | 23 Jan 2019

Secure Trading has announced that its merchant acquirer,, will provide acquiring solutions for fourfive CBD.

Secure Trading, merchant acquirer, fourfive CBD,, Zion Payments, UK

Weston Hotel, Secure Trading team up for online payment services

News | Online Payments | 16 Jan 2019

Secure Trading has added its acquiring platform,, to the existing global gateway solutions provided to the Weston Hotel.

Weston Hotel,, Secure Trading, online payments, acquiring bank, Kyte Global team up for solutions for gaming merchants

News | Payments General | 27 Nov 2018

Secure Trading Group’s merchant acquirer has inked a deal with Kyte Global to offer new solutions for the gaming industry., Kyte Global, gaming merchants, merchant acquirer implements Cybertonicas fraud, risk management technology

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 26 Nov 2018, Secure Trading Group’s merchant acquirer, has announced a new partnership with Cybertonica, a UK-based fraud prevention and payment risk management company., Cybertonica, AI, fraud prevention, risk management, payments

Lifetime Legal adds acquiring.coms solutions to its online payment service

News | Online Payments | 03 Oct 2018

Secure Trading has announced that Lifetime Legal has added its acquiring platform to the existing global gateway solutions provided by ST Group.

Lifetime Legal,, online payment, Secure Trading, gateway solutions, Proteus, Zoho, MyST

Paytriot Payments teams up with to facilitate European expansion

News | Online Payments | 28 Sep 2018 has partnered with Paytriot Payments, a UK-based global merchant service provider (MSP) and payment facilitator (PF), to facilitate European expansion.

Paytriot Payments,, Europe, merchant, payments , UK announces partnership with fintech company TrendPay ApS

News | Online Payments | 12 Sep 2018, a provider of end-to-end acquiring services, has signed a long-term strategic partnership with TrendPay ApS, a Denmark-based fintech company., TrendPay ApS, partnership, fintech, end-to-end acquiring services, acquiring bank, PSPs, online payments