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Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Acquirer and other Acquirer-related topics:

Find here all the latest articles, news, and research on Acquirer and other Acquirer-related topics:

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Meeting the needs of Japanese and Taiwanese cardmembers in Europe

Interviews | Payments General | 19 Jun 2024

Ray Shinzawa, Managing Director at JCB International (Europe), talks about how JCB is crafting customised payment solutions for its Japanese and Taiwanese cardmembers in Europe.

credit card, Issuer, Acquirer, merchants, customer experience, travel payments, digital payments, regulation, contactless payments

Dock, Muevy partner with Visa to boost transfers in LATAM

News | Online Payments | 27 May 2024

Global card scheme and issuer Visa has recently announced a new strategic partnership with Brazil-based fintechs Dock and Muevy to boost international remittance services via Visa Direct.

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PSR: card schemes don't face effective competition

News | Cards | 24 May 2024

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has recently published an interim report suggesting that card schemes do not face effective competition in the supply of scheme and processing services to acquirers.

Visa, MasterCard, card scheme, credit card, debit card, prepaid card, payments , interchange fee, scheme fee, regulatory sandbox, regulation, payment processor, merchant, Acquirer, report

DNA Payments and Aero Commerce join forces

News | Payments General | 03 May 2024

DNA Payments an omnichannel payments company has partnered with Aero Commerce aiming to provide online retailers with high-performance, simple, unified payments. 

ecommerce, checkout optimisation , Acquirer, payments , payment methods, partnership

Shaping the future of the payments industry: key insights from MPE 2024

Voice of the Industry | Ecommerce | 12 Apr 2024

We highlight key topics discussed at MPE 2024, such as the evolving trends in payment optimisation, marketplaces and online platforms, real-time payments, GenAI, and cross-border payments.

payments , account-to-account payment, marketplace, online platform, PSP, merchants, Issuer, Acquirer, real-time payments, generative AI, cross-border payments, ecommerce, payments orchestration, Open Banking, Open Finance, PSD3, payment methods, API, CBDC, artificial intelligence, KYC

Road and Worldline partner for EV charging payments

News | Payments General | 10 Apr 2024

Netherlands-based EV charging platform Road has partnered with Worldline to address payment processing and regulatory burdens for EV charge point owners.

payment processing, payments infrastructure, Acquirer, regulation, payment methods

Adyen and PayMe expand global businesses' reach in Hong Kong

News | Mobile Payments | 03 Apr 2024

Netherlands-based fintech Adyen has become an acquirer for the mobile payment service provider PayMe by HSBC in Hong Kong.

mobile payments, ecommerce, Acquirer, merchants, local payment method

Global Overview of Payment Providers 2024

Report | Ecommerce | 28 Mar 2024

The Global Overview of Payment Providers Report provides insights into the leading companies and trends in the field of payments.

report, ecommerce, digitalisation, merger, acquisition, investment, payment methods, payment gateway, PSP, merchant, marketplace, fintech, banks, crypto, FX , Acquirer, POS, payments , recurring payments, settlement, tokenization, payout, payin, payments orchestration, reconciliation, B2B payments, ERP, e-invoicing, factoring, chargebacks, fraud management, risk management, Virtual IBAN, embedded payments, embedded finance, KYC, KYB

The role of payment orchestration platforms in optimising cross-border payments globally

Interviews | Online Payments | 27 Feb 2024

Adam Vissing, VP Sales & Business Development at IXOPAY, discusses the role of payment orchestration platforms in optimising cross-border payments globally.

cross-border payments, ecommerce, merchants, PSP, Acquirer, payment methods, marketplace, unbanked, luxury goods, payments orchestration, ERP, API, customer experience

Payplug and Mangopay partner to boost payment offering

News | Online Payments | 20 Feb 2024

Omnichannel payment solution Payplug has recently announced a new partnership with modular and flexible payment infrastructure provider for marketplaces, Mangopay.


omnichannel, partnership, payment gateway, online payments, omnichannel payments solution, multi currency treasury solutions, payin, payout, reconciliation, e-wallet, merchant, marketplace, fraud prevention, fraud detection, fraud management, payments infrastructure, Acquirer, PSP

Lenvi partners with for payment solutions

News | Payments General | 20 Dec 2023

Lenvi, a fintech provider of lending software, servicing, and risk management solutions has partnered with payments specialist offering tailored payment processing and digital banking solutions.

partnership, fintech, paytech, API, lending, Acquirer, payment methods, Open Banking, risk management

Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2023–2024

Report | Ecommerce | 18 Dec 2023

The 5th edition of the Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report provides a complete overview of trends and future perspectives.

report, cross-border payments, ecommerce, digitalisation, payment methods, merchants, artificial intelligence, FX , fintech, payments orchestration, local payment method, PSP, cross-border ecommerce, B2B payments, retail, research, marketplace, cross-border logistics, growth markets, Acquirer, payin, payout, online platform, ecommerce platform

Nuvei launches card issuing

News | Cards | 30 Nov 2023

Nuvei, a Canada-based fintech, has launched its card issuing solution in 30 markets globally to offer their customers physical and virtual white-labelled cards. 

credit card, Issuer, Acquirer, payments , online payments, product launch

Worldline granted Payment Institution Authorisation by the FCA in the UK

News | Payments General | 28 Nov 2023

Payment services provider Worldline has announced it was granted Payment Institution Authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

payments , licence, paytech, fintech, merchants, ecommerce, payment institution, Acquirer, compliance, digital payments

The Money Service Lab receives Issuing Processor certification in Europe

News | Cards | 23 Nov 2023

The Money Service Lab has completed its certification with Mastercard, becoming a processor with direct connectivity to the Mastercard Cloud in Europe.

credit card, debit card, prepaid card, remittance, Acquirer, certification

Elavon announces partnership with Virgin Atlantic

News | Payments General | 31 Oct 2023

Virgin Atlantic has tapped payment provider Elavon’s acquiring services and Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC), allowing merchants to settle in one of 100 currencies.


merchants, partnership, Acquirer, travel payments

Kushki is now a payment acquirer in LATAM

News | Payments General | 11 Oct 2023

Paytech company Kushki has become the first next-gen merchant acquirer in Latin America and includes primary membership with Visa and Mastercard in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

Acquirer, partnership, payments , paytech, transactions , payment processing, settlement, merchants, regulation, fintech

Ingenico and Diggecard announce a gift card solution

News | Online Payments | 20 Sep 2023

Global payments acceptance solutions company Ingenico and gift card expertise and technology provider Diggecard have announced a gift card solution.

partnership, paytech, fintech, mobile payments, digital payments, merchants, gift card , PaaS, banks, Acquirer, SaaS

Navigating challenges in payments: insights from Silverflow's Co-founder

Interviews | Payments General | 07 Sep 2023

Robert Kraal, Co-founder and CBDO of Silverflow, discusses the challenges within the payments industry and strategies to address them.

Acquirer, payments , API, PSP, banking

J.P. Morgan Payments partners with Network International

News | Payments General | 05 Sep 2023

Network International, a digital commerce enabler across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region has partnered with J.P. Morgan Payments to strengthen the bank’s acquiring offering.

partnership, expansion, payments , paytech, digital payments, digitalisation, financial inclusion, fintech, Acquirer