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Samsung partners with Bambuser to drive customer engagement

News | Ecommerce | 18 Sep 2020

Samsung has partnered with live video experts Bambuser to create Samsung Live – an interactive broadcast experience where consumers can purchase products in real-time online. 

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DGB Daegu Bank to protect mobile banking transactions with quantum cryptography

News | Online & Mobile Banking | 28 Aug 2020

Korean bank DGB Daegu has announced that transactions conducted by customers via its mobile banking app on a Samsung Galaxy A Quantum 5G smartphone will soon be secured with 5G quantum cryptography.

DGB Daegu, ID Quantique, quantum computing, mobile banking, online banking, South Korea, fraud prevention, quantum cryptography, 5G

Digital Realty expands Dublin data centre

News | Payments General | 06 Mar 2020

Digital Realty, a global provider of data centre, colocation and interconnection solutions, has officially opened its Clonshaugh data centre, in Dublin, Ireland.

Ireland, data center, cloud, 5G, IoT, blockchain, AI, Digital Realty

Rakuten, Vodafone invest in satellite network that provides universal mobile coverage

News | Ecommerce | 03 Mar 2020

Rakuten and Vodafone have invested in a venture to extend mobile coverage to more people and devices across the globe, according to Light Reading.

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TIM to use quantum computing live on its mobile networks (4.5G and 5G)

News | Payments General | 26 Feb 2020

TIM is the first telecommunications operator in Europe to implement quantum computing algorithms in planning its next generation mobile networks.

telecommunications, TIM, Italy, quantum computing, QUBO, mobile networks, 4.5G, 5G

Japan's tax revision to boost economy, encourage investments

News | Payments General | 12 Dec 2019

Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Report 2019/2020

Japan has unveiled tax measures that aim to encourage companies to spend their cash on startups and other investments to stimulate a slowing economy, according to Reuters.

tax measures, Japan, investments, startups, artificial intelligence, 5G, innovative technologies

US initiates procedures to protect telecom networks from national security threats

News | Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 27 Nov 2019

The United States has set out a procedure to protect its telecom networks and their supply chains from national security threats.

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