Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide 2017/2018

Report, published: December 2017

Identity, security, and trust are fundamental to payments, commerce, and finance, especially in an increasingly digital economy. The Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide was born from the growing acknowledgement that fraud is a major concern for all businesses and consumers that use the internet and mobile channels to interact, engage in online transactions activities, access and manage their finances and online identities.

As the battle against cyber criminals is real and ongoing, technologies such as tokenization, biometrics, AI, and machine learning are helping to authenticate customers, secure transactions, and mitigate fraud losses.

The 6th edition of Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide gathers leading solution providers (both established and new players) that share their latest insights, technologies and best practises in preventing and fighting fraud. Download the report to learn more about:

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to fight digital banking and ecommerce fraud (Feedzai, Risk Ident, CyberSource, Simility, Credorax);

  • Best practices in managing synthetic ID fraud, account takeover, friendly fraud, chargebacks, data breaches and more (ACI, Accertify, Ethoca, Emailage, Sift Science, Signifyd, ThreatMetrix, PwC);

  • Biometric authentication technology as a game-changer for ecommerce and banking industries (Easy Solutions, FIDO Alliance, Aite, Juniper Research);

  • Digital onboarding – identity is the new money (Innopay, Kapronasia, Innovate Identity, European Association for e-Identity & Security , Holland FinTech)

  • GDPR and PSD2 - opportunities, obligations, and obstacles for businesses (Accenture, Gropay, MRC, time.lex).

For readers or new market players interested to understand better the capabilities offered by different fraud management, identity verification and online authentication providers, The Paypers helps browsing the space by mapping some of these vendors and offers two explanatory infographics on Fraud Management and Identity Verification providers.

The Guide is endorsed by our partners from MRC, a merchant-led trade association focused on electronic commerce risk and payment strategies and and Holland FinTech, a leading organization connecting innovative financial services and Fintechs across the globe.

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