The Global Payments and Fintech Trends Report 2024

Report, published: February 2024


As the payments sector undergoes continuous evolution, one undeniable truth emerges: the interplay of technology, innovation, regulation, and talent is steering its trajectory. Keeping pace with this evolution and understanding the driving forces behind its growth is imperative for businesses and individuals navigating this dynamic landscape.

The Paypers’ Global Payments and Fintech Trends Report 2024 serves as a guiding light, spotlighting significant trends for 2024 and beyond on a global scale. Drawing from insights provided by payments and fintech experts worldwide, we offer a diverse perspective to help businesses and financial institutions gain clarity on emerging growth areas. Our strategic analysis, supported by the latest payments and fintech market forecasts, goes beyond mere buzzwords, empowering all players in this industry to chart their path to success with actionable strategies and recommendations.

A glimpse into what to expect

The Paypers has gathered insight and expertise from leaders representing companies operating across the financial services spectrum. Our engagement for this report involved extensive discussions with innovation leaders, technologists, and industry experts from top organisations, financial institutions, businesses, solution providers, payment companies, and leading consultancies monitoring the latest innovations and trends in payments and fintech across key markets worldwide.

Our report covers the following topics:

  • Key trends, impacts, and opportunities shaping payments in Asia Pacific and Europe

  • The unique influences on the industry's growth, examining how different regions shape the payments landscape through demographic shifts, political considerations, technological innovations, and regulatory changes

  • The evolution of A2A payments in Europe

  • Cross-border payments: Trends in B2B, B2C, and C2B transactions

  • Open Finance and Embedded Finance and how they will shape financial services 

  • Paytech modernisation and the global drive towards real-time payments

  • Fraud sophistication and regtech compliance: Evolutionary trends in financial security



A heartfelt thank you to our collaborators who joined us on this journey and provided valuable insights: Elevandi, The Digital Fifth, EPI Company, Mesh Payments, Consult Hyperion, Celent, INNOPAY, Emanuel van Pragg (Erasmus University Rotterdam), ACI Worldwide, Unlimit, Nuvei, Spiralem, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, NICE Actimize.

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Published 09 Feb 2024
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