The Client-side Blind Side: How to Get Visibility into Your Website Supply Chain

Report, published: February 2023

Web application developers often rely on open source JavaScript libraries and third-party scripts to innovate faster and keep pace with evolving business needs. But 92% of website decision makers don’t have complete visibility into this code, which puts them at risk of a supply chain attack and of being out of compliance with data privacy regulations. 



Download the e-book to:

• Understand how third-party code can put users’ data at risk
• Learn how to get visibility into your website supply chain
• Explore ways to prevent a supply chain attack and ensure compliance

Safeguard your digital business with a few best practices, your business can take advantage of third-party software and open source libraries without sacrificing security. An automated client-side application security solution provides continuous visibility and control over your client side supply chain, mitigating risk without adding manual work.



Research Type Overview
Published 17 Feb 2023
Pages 10
Geographic Scope    World
Editions Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud