Report 2022: The Enablers of Open Banking, Open Finance, and Open Data

Report, published: November 2022

The sixth edition of The Paypers` report uncovers the potential of Open Banking, Open Finance, and Open Data.

Open Banking and Open Finance are reshaping the global financial services ecosystem. The Enablers of Open Banking, Open Finance, and Open Data Report 2022 provides an overview of the current state of development in the Open Banking and Open Finance and Open Data  industries worldwide and helps identify:

  • The key components that enable open ecosystems to grow and generate value
  • How open ecosystems are distributing value amongst stakeholders, consumers, and businesses
  • The new business models and the value realised
  • The opportunities to collaborate, cooperate, and co-create to benefit all ecosystem participants 


Apart from the highly educational articles and interviews, the report also features the Global Mapping and Infographic of Players in the Open Banking and Open Finance Ecosystem 2022-2023. Keeping up to date with the players and products built on the Open Banking and Open Finance allows for a clear picture of where the open ecosystem excels and what are the most promising use cases, as well as where there are opportunities to collaborate, cooperate, or co-create. 

Lastly, the report includes a section dedicated to company profiles, and it is designed to provide our readers with a thorough overview of the different products and services offered by each company featured. This part is rich in details such as key players’ geographical presence, core solutions, unique selling points, technology, business model, business partners, and case studies.

We want to thank our contributors, our media partners (Open Banking Expo and Open Future World), and our endorsement partner (INNOPAY) for building yet another successful report and for showing their commitment to the global Open Banking and Open Finance community!

Explore the sections:

The Power of Financial Data – from Open Banking to Open Finance and Open Data 

INNOPAY Open Banking Monitor
From Open Banking to Open Data | Powens
Consumer Value in Consumer Duty | Moneyhub
The Shift from Open Banking to Open Finance | Klarna Kosma
Monetisation, Financial Inclusion, Helping SMEs | Nordigen
Open Finance: Coming into Focus | Open Future World
From Open Banking to Open Finance & Open Data | Accenture
Changing Competition and Consumer Relations | Itau Unibanco
SEPA Payment Account Access (SPAA) | Deutsche Bank
The New Data Economy and Monetisation Revolution | EY
Reshaping the Bank and Customer Relationship | Forrester
PSD2 Will Pave the Way for a Successful PSD3 | Oaklen Consulting
PSD2: the Long Journey | UniCredit

The Ever-Evolving Global Landscape 

Developing a Made-in-Canada System | Abraham Tachjian, Open Banking Implementation in Canada
Canada – from Open Banking to Open Finance | Finavator (OFNC)
Pioneering Open Banking in Africa | Nedbank         
Nigeria’s Approach to Open Banking | Open Banking Nigeria
Open Banking in North America | FDATA North America
Open Banking Thriving in North America as Open Finance | FDX
The Future of Open Banking in the US | BNY Mellon
The Benefits of Open Banking-Powered Solutions | OBIE UK
Open Banking in Asia Pacific Region | FemTech Partners 
The State of Open Banking in APAC Today | Kapronasia
The Steps Towards Open Banking in Turkey | Denizbank 
Open Finance Gaining Traction in Latin America | Spiralem
Opportunities for the Banks in South America | BBVA
Open Banking in the GCC: Picking Up Pace | PwC
Israel’s Open Finance Reform Kicks Off | Israel Securities Authority

Unlocking the Value for Consumers and Businesses  

The Future of Consumer Credit and Long-Term Deposits | SWK Bank
Opportunities and Threats for FIs | Aite-Novarica Group 
Open Banking for SMEs | EBA Clearing
Extending Horizons in Corporate Client Relationship | ING 
Corporate Treasurers & Open APIs | INNOPAY & Raiffeisen Bank International
Open Banking for Corporates? | Bank of America
Compelling New Experiences via Embedded Finance | PNC Bank

The New Frontiers of Payments 

Open Banking Payments in the UK | American Express
A New Era of Customer Connection | Banked
How Merchants Benefit from Open Banking | Brite
Variable Recurring Payments| Plaid
Combining A2A Payments with Request-to-Pay | Luxhub 
From A2A to VRPs | Token
Sweeping Changes Ahead | Celent 
The Future’s Now – the Future’s Open | Worldline

Leveraging Real-Time Payments | Zimpler

Security, the Heart and Centre of the Open Banking Ecosystem 

Authentication Financial Services | HID Global

Open Banking – Risk in the Data Supply Chain | Konsentus 

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