Monetisation of Digital Business Models 2019 – Insights into Billing and Recurring Payments Report

Report, published: March 2019

Monetisation of Digital Business Models – Insights into Billing and Recurring Payments Report presents the key trends and developments in monetisation of business models, subscription economy, and billing and recurring payments.

In order to reach customers directly, companies look for new business strategies and new monetisation models. Concepts like renting, subscribing, pay per use, pay per click are top of mind for businesses from a wide range of industries and the transformations implied are related to the means through which customer demand is created and translated into revenues.

With all these complexities involved, companies looking to adopt new monetisation models and get the most out of the ones already implemented need to stay on top of the latest trends and developments, understand the regulatory aspects meant to protect consumers privacy and data, and learn from other success stories to maximise the success of their business.

Monetisation in the Digital Economy - New Business Models

In the two articles featured in the first chapter of the report, Andrew Dailey, Managing Director of MGI Research, focuses on what is dominant today in subscription commerce and in the monetisation of the digital economy, from the need to speed and business agility to agile monetisation platforms and anything touching revenues, profits, and customer relationship with a business.

Subscription Economy

The second chapter of the report encloses a series of educational articles and interviews with top industry players and specialists that share their expertise and success strategies, along with statistics and in-depth analysis of the current state of the subscription economy.

  • Phillip Bock, CEO of allpago, explains what merchants need to know in order to sell their digital goods in emerging economies from LATAM region and presents the regions growth perspectives;

  • Aston Fallen, CEO of Nexway-Asknet, presents the global growth perspectives of the global digital goods and services market;

  • Mark Beresford, Director of Edgar, Dunn & Company, underlines the most important aspects related to the general and regulatory aspects of the subscription economy and its payments implications;

  • Based on in-depth analysis and statistics, Andrew Dailey of MGI Research offers a comprehensive view on the global subscription economy and its market growth perspectives;

  • Marc Zinnemers, CFO of Teamleader, explains how SMEs can work smarter and manage churn rate;

  • Dr. Léon Mölenberg, Senior Policy Advisor at Ecommerce Europe, discusses the EU Digital Content Directive regarding defective digital content and consumers rights;

  • Subscription Economy Landscape: Mergers and Acquisitions, Investments, Developments presents the most important mergers and acquisitions, investments, and developments that have as main actors companies with a subscription-based business model and solution providers.

Billing and Recurring Payments

The third chapter approaches the aspects that shape the payments part of the implementation of new business models.

  • Marko Fliege, Founder and CEO of JustOn, explains the key challenges for companies that are looking to monetise their digital services and shares his opinion on the best practices and pitfalls to be considered when implementing automated billing solutions;

  • Andrew Dailey from MGI Research presents the payment options in the world of subscription commerce and the challenges in delivering a seamless purchasing experience as an integral part of a successful subscription.

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