Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report 2023-2024

Report, published: November 2023

The 5th edition of the Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report provides a thorough review of the global state of the fraud ecosystem and how can deploying the best fraud prevention techniques can deter cyber criminals and scammers.  

In a highly digitalised world, with ecommerce booming, fraudsters have found new ways to prey on the gullible, causing merchants alone to lose USD 38 billion on online fraud in 2023. The key types of fraud that will affect merchants further in 2024 include account takeover, friendly fraud, chargeback abuse, synthetic identity theft, e-gift card fraud, affiliate fraud, and promo abuse.

Report highlights

The latest edition of the Fraud Prevention in Ecommerce Report consists of six comprehensive chapters, revolving around the most prevalent types of fraud, new trends in fraud to watch out for in 2024, up-to-date fraud prevention strategies and solutions, as well as deploying the latest standards and regulations to remain compliant. 

Key trends in ecommerce fraud to watch for in 2024

Want to stay ahead of fraudsters and prevent fraudulent activities from downsizing your revenues? Key speakers in the industry such as the MRC and The Global Anti-Scam Alliance share what to expect in the fraud ecosystem in the next 12 months. Chargebacks911, Datos Insights, and Consult Hyperion tackle the ever-evolving problem of chargeback abuse and friendly fraud, while Cleafy and Australian Payments Network discuss the best ways for businesses to defend themselves from APP fraud and other types of fraudulent activity. Our insights on romantic scams prove how spread the phenomenon remains on a global scale and how can people still enjoy the perks of technology without having to worry about scammers.

Global overview/Who’s Who in fraud prevention infographic

Fraud prevention players from all over the world and their solutions are depicted in an in-depth infographic researched by The Paypers. Their core solutions range from fraud/risk management and decisioning platform to customer authentication, identity verification, behavioural biometrics, chargebacks management, KYB, KYC, and others. The global overview helps merchants, marketplaces, and others easily identify a potential key fraud prevention partner, based on the solutions they need.

Mapping with key players in fraud prevention

Key players in the industry of fraud prevention show their best-deployed solutions to successfully fight fraud, scamming, chargebacks, and other types of fraud by opting for the latest developments in the industry, including state-of-the-art customer onboarding, customer authentication, identity verification, and behavioural biometrics. 

Other highlights

  • Emerging technologies in fraud: Identiq, Discover Global Network;

  • Fraud prevention strategies and solutions: Sift, Worldline, Justt;

  • Latest updates on technology to detect and fight fraud: Edgar, Dunn & Company, ACI Worldwide, Ecommpay, Allyiz;

  • Standards and compliance: EverC, PayPal, Juniper Research, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions;

  • Company profiles: this section features key players in the global fraud prevention market, and their capabilities. In addition, companies will also be included in our comprehensive company database, giving readers unprecedented access to stakeholders in global industries.

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