Fintech for Marketplaces and Platforms Report 2024

Report, published: May 2024

The inaugural edition of the Fintech for Marketplaces and Platforms Report 2024 – Leveraging the Latest Paytech, Regtech, and Embedded Finance Innovations taps into the fast, ever-expanding ecommerce industry, acting as the ultimate source of information for businesses looking to expand and grow their consumer base. Operating in this field comes with increased complexities and competitiveness. Marketplaces and platforms face challenges surrounding supplier management, payment optimisation, reconciliation, customer experience, loyalty, and regulatory compliance – and to build trust, drive sales, and sustain growth, data and technology must be leveraged.

The report brings together key stakeholders and experts focused on different aspects of marketplaces and platforms’ lifecycle, ranging from seller onboarding and user verification to global payment processing and fraud prevention, whilst providing best practices for navigating these challenges. An important focus point of the report is Embedded Finance, which is an avenue for new revenue streams and enhanced customer loyalty for ecommerce industry players. 

A glimpse into what to expect

The Fintech for Marketplaces and Platforms Report 2024 offers an extensive analysis of relevant technological developments and their impact on ecommerce, shedding light on the global marketplace landscape and the payment trends that influence its evolution, whilst addressing specific pain points and providing insights into how to tackle them to ensure platform success.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • An exploration of the evolving marketplace and online platform landscape – from current trends and market insights to future directions;

  • How to optimise payments to expedite growth, with a breakdown of global payment acceptance, foreign exchange and how to improve the process, digital wallet integration to enhance user experience, and other relevant topics;

  • Embedded Finance and how it contributes to the evolution of ecommerce;

  • Fraud-related challenges and how to address them, whilst driving trust and security;

  • A close examination of ecommerce verticals and their specifics in terms of payment trends and consumer behaviour.


Original research by The Paypers

Alongside contributions from industry leaders, the report features a desk research piece by The Paypers, namely a series of infographics focused on marketplaces. The mapping categorises players based on their geographical presence in Europe, Asia–Pacific, Middle East and Africa, North America, Latin America, and those activating worldwide, along with their target groups – B2C, B2B, and C2C – and three key verticals: consumer goods and services, gig market and recruiting, and travel and hospitality.


A very kind thank you to our collaborators who accepted to be a part of this journey and authored insightful and valuable contributions. According to the order in which their insights are featured, they are Edgar, Dunn & Company, Nuvei, Nium, ConnectPay, Payaut, Payrails, Unlimit, Mangopay, Mastercard Gateway, Incognia, Rapyd, G2A.COM, Eneba, Upwork, OnBuy, and Jumia.

The Fintech for Marketplaces and Platforms Report 2024 is endorsed by two leading industry associations: Merchant Risk Council (MRC) and Edgar, Dunn & Company  – and our key media partner is Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE). 


Research Type Overview
Published 28 May 2024
Pages 53
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