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Payment Service Providers in Turkey

Leading payment service providers in Turkey

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iYZi Payments: a Turkish based payment service provider that was founded in year 2012. The founders of iYZi payments have significant careers in several leading ecommerce companies. Through iYZi Payments state of the art platform they can provide merchants with several types of services such as card payment acceptance and a routing service for merchants who want to connect to several of Turkey’s financial institutions, payment providers and access to several alternative payment methods in one hub. 
PayU: an international payment service provider that is currently operating in 16 countries worldwide. PayU Turkey started in 2011 and has aimed to be one of Turkey’s premiere payment solutions providers for businesses who want to venture into ecommerce. PayU’s experience in international operations provides added value to merchants through improve merchant support services.
iPara: a Turkish payment solutions provider. Through iPara merchants can accept payments from their customers who are registered iPara users; iPara provides an e-wallet type of service and offers several unique features such as enhance security, chargeback protection and an escrow-like type of service wherein the buyer can authorize the transfer of funds to the sellers once they have received the goods they bought.
PaymentWall: an international payment service provider that has local offices in over 7 countries. PaymentWall provides diverse payment solutions such as mobile carrier billing platform that provides customers with SMS payments and direct carrier billing, online cash payment via prepaid card, payment gateway services through API and a global payment solution platform that let merchants accept payments online through over 100 local alternative payment options.
Skrill: a global payment service provider that provides a wide range of payment solutions such as money transfer service, payment gateway solutions and online payment for consumers. Skrill’s product includes Skrill’s Digital Wallet service that let customers pay online securely, transfer funds and send money to anyone with an email address to over 200 countries and 40 currencies, customers can do these transactions without exposing any of their financial details or personal information.