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Leading payment service providers in Columbia

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PSPs are growing at an accelerated rate in Colombia, and in the last year their number has increased exponentially. According to Redeban, they have had over twenty new PSP requests to connect with them in 2015. Some of the main PSPs are:
• allpago - accept payments in LATAM, provides the most relevant local payment methods in Latin America through one API and one single platform. Allpago is a trusted advisor for merchants on conversion rates and the legal support necessary for a successful ecommerce operation. Current clients include, Getty Images, Intel Security McAfee, Norton Symantec, Paylogic, Sumup, Teamviewer and many other leading payment and digital companies.
PayU Latam is one of the main players in the Colombian market after merging with Pagosonline. Accepts all the local payment methods and allows merchants to connect in different ways. These include: payments without the need of a webpage, HTML button embedded in webpage, call center, plugins for checkout, administration module, tokenization, recurring payments, and cash collections (coupons to pay in Baloto and Efecty).
Place to Pay is focused on helping merchants to combat fraud besides providing them all the payment methods. Among the fraud prevention alternatives are: online verification of transactions, antifraud module, and certifications.
Pago Agil accepts all types of cards and Botón PSE. Works with webservice, IVR (Interactive voice recognition) and a terminal for call center. Everything is given to the merchants "up and running" so that they can easily use it.
Paguelo Fácil is a Panamanian company that is becoming stronger in Colombia even though they are only accepting MasterCard and Visa. The main services that they provide are: checkout integration, real time information, worldwide payments, no need of webpage, and payments via email links. 3D secure can also be provided if the merchant requires it.
Pagodigital has a downloadable "plug and play" feature on the website to make the merchant’s life easier when implementing the system. Besides accepting all the main cards and PSE, some of their value added services are: information tool, possibility to block transactions according to the needs of the clients to control fraud, personalized service, payment links, recurring payments, mobile payments, and digital invoices.