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Payment Service Providers in Canada

Leading payment service providers in Canada

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Adyen: an independent, global multichannel payment company. Adyen supports all relevant sales channels, including online, mobile and Point-of-Sale (POS), and can process over 224 different payment methods, 187 transaction currencies and 14 settlement currencies across six continents.
Chase Paymentech: a payment processing services company for merchants. The company offers point-of-sale payment, online payment processing and mobile payment processing solutions. It provides merchants with various payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, gift cards, purchase cards, business cards, international payments, prepaid payments, online payments, recurring payments and electronic check processing.
First Data: an electronic payments processor which serves more than 6 million merchants and nearly 4,000 card issuers in around 35 countries. It provides funds transfer and related services, including credit card payment processing, fraud protection and authentication, check guarantee (through subsidiary TeleCheck), electronic bill payment management and point-of-sale (POS) services.
Global Payments: a provider of electronic transaction processing services for merchants, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), financial institutions, government agencies and multi-national corporations located throughout the US, Canada, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Global Payments, a Fortune 1000 company, offers processing solutions for credit and debit cards, business-to-business purchasing cards, gift cards, electronic check conversion and check guarantee, verification and recovery including electronic check services, as well as terminal management.
Nxgen: a Canada Certified, US payment service provider which supports the payment method Interac PIN Debit Cards. 
Optimal Payments: a global payment processing company that processes billions of USD annually, with support to over 200 countries worldwide. Optimal Payments also provides risk and manage scrubbing tools and white-label solutions to better suit its clients. 
Payfirma: a payment processing company which uses a cloud-based payment platform. The company partnered CIBC to support credit and debit card processing and better rates. Payfirma supports payment acceptance from mobile devices, web terminal through web browsers and other features. 
Planet Payment: a global payment processing company which has relationships with some of the world’s largest banks and payment service providers in 22 supported countries.
VersaPay: a cloud-based payment provider based in Canada. VersaPay, through its ARC and ARCPay software, promotes an easy to understand interface, which accepts multiple payment methods.
Worldpay: a financial technology company, specialising in payment processing around the globe. With offices in the UK, Europe, US and Asia, the company supports 120 currencies. The company processes face-to-face credit and debit card transactions, as well as online and mobile payments, federal income tax and electronic benefits payments and ATM transactions.