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Preferred payment methods in Poland

Main card schemes and alternative payment methods in Poland

Read below about payment methods And how to increase conversion by offering the most convenient online payment methods when selling goods online in Poland

Domestic and Preferred Card Schemes
• Visa has the majority share of the credit card market in Poland, followed by MasterCard. American Express is also present but represents a very small share.
Alternative Payment Methods

 Bank Transfer Initiated on the Internet: a payment made by customers via their bank’s electronic banking service (when a customer chooses to pay via this method they have to visit their bank’s website, logs into their account and initiates a bank transfer to the merchant’s account).
 Online e-payment: a commonly referred to as “e-transfer” or “Pay-By-Link” among Polish payment service providers; it is similar to Bank Transfer Initiated on the Internet but with added convenience and functionality for both merchant and customer.
 Bank Transfer Initiated in a different way: a mostly payments made by customers at bank counter or through post office.
 Virtual Payment Service: a mostly an international e-wallet service provider such as PayPal and Skrill.
 Premium SMS: a method where mobile phone is used to make micropayments to paid internet or mobile services such as digital downloads and paid digital contents or information (i.e. ringtones, music download, betting, games etc.).
 Cash Payment to Shop’s account, other methods: a form of payment where customers pick up their order and pay it in person while other methods are all the other methods not specified in the list.
 PayU Express: a recently launched new generation e-transfer where users can finish transaction in PayU account by one-click. Transaction is processed through the PayU account and instead of complicated logging in to the bank and several payment confirmation screens on your bank account. Money in the bank account can be used within seconds without logging in to electronic banking.
 Installments online: the first Polish system of online installments was introduced by PayU and Allegro.