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Preferred Payment Methods in Germany

Main card schemes and alternative payment methods in Germany

Read below about payment methods And how to increase conversion by offering the most convenient online payment methods when selling goods online in Germany

Domestic and Preferred Card Schemes
Of the 53.3 million personal credit cards in Germany, they are almost evenly split between MasterCard and Visa. MasterCard takes a marginally greater share at 51.9%.

• Alternative Payment Methods:

PayPal – Being an eBay Inc. company, it was founded in 1998. It provides its clients the flexibility and choice to use their bank accounts, credit cards, etc. in a single account to pay a merchant, without the need to share confidential information with the merchant.
Giropay – An online payment method, which is supported by more than 1500 banks, and a client can use the service provided as long as an online checking account at a participating bank is available.
Sofortü – An easy and simple way to process online payments. Unlike other online transfer payment methods, there is no account registration. Credentials provided by the customer’s bank and a Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) are necessary to progress through the payment process.
Prepaid Voucher – It is an electronic stored value voucher, which could be redeemed through SMS and be transferred instantly in a user’s account for immediate use.
Prepaid Card – A payment card with monetary value stored into it, without maintaining an account with a bank.
 Bank Transfer – The transfer of funds from one account to another within the same or interbank, as long as supported.