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Online fraud prevention in Poland

Ecommerce fraud and online fraud prevention in Poland

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Although overall card fraud levels are low in Poland today, the instance of online fraud is relatively high. As Polish consumers increase their use of online and mobile payment channels, merchants will need to adopt sophisticated fraud prevention techniques to ensure profitable business expansion in this important market.

To date, Poland has experienced relatively low levels of card fraud. According to the Aite report, just 18% of consumers have experienced card-related fraud in the past five years. In 2012 total fraud was EUR 2.9 million, up from EUR 2.2 million in 2006. In mid-2013, the Visa fraud index showed that fraud in Europe had fallen to 4 cents per EUR 100 spent on Visa cards, with the figure for Poland standing at 1/10th of the European average.

According to the European Central Bank’s Third Report on Card Fraud, published in February 2014, Poland’s fraud levels are 1/10th of those experienced in France and the UK. The reported breakdown by fraud type in Poland was 38% at the ATM, 41% card not present transactions and 21% at point of sale.

Poland is also seeing a rapid expansion of mobile usage. Mobile transactions in Poland grew by 722% in 2013, according to a report by Zanox, a Berlin-based online advertisement firm, making this the fastest-growing mobile commerce market in Europe. The number of smartphones in Poland doubled to 13 million in 2013 and, with the growing importance of mobile commerce, in April 2014, Bank Zachodni WBK announced that it would embed a ‘super-wallet’ in its banking app, enabling customers to shop ‘at a variety of merchants’.

As mobile commerce continues to expand, mobile fraud prevention is likely to see increasing focus. Authentication and verification methods that have proved successful in combating online fraud can be considerably less effective against mobile fraud – perpetrated by fraudsters on the move – and merchants will need to adopt new fraud strategies for this growing sales channel.