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The benefits of cloud-native software in financial services

Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 05 Oct 2022 12:18 CET | World

Michael Backes, Co-Founder and CTO at receeve explores the benefits of cloud-native software — especially when it comes to powering collections operations....

Bridging the gap between fiat and crypto

Cryptocurrencies | 04 Oct 2022 08:19 CET | World

Ivan Ilin, COO of NearPay shares the ABC of crypto on-ramps to enable Web 3.0 projects to reap the benefits of accepting crypto payments....

BNPL: How banks can dominate this USD 1 trillion industry

Payments General | 03 Oct 2022 10:02 CET | World

Yaacov Martin, CEO and Co-Founder of Jifiti, unravels the current state of the BNPL industry and explores how banks can leverage their strengths to tap into this USD 1 trillion opportunity....

Payment and FX to keep up with global ecommerce, Banking Circle interview

Online Payments | 30 Sep 2022 09:00 CET | World

What is being done to bridge the gap that still exists between what businesses need for cross-border payments and FX to capitalise on the growing ecommerce market, and what they are able to access?...

Turning crypto regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage - interview with Notabene

Cryptocurrencies | 30 Sep 2022 08:35 CET | World

The latest regulatory developments in the crypto world demand businesses comply with the Travel Rule requirements. We invited Catarina Veloso, Legal Engineer at Notabene, to share advice on how to best reflect these requirements of different jurisdictions into one's business....

Fast identity verification processes can build solid web 3.0 rails - interview with Shufti Pro

Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 29 Sep 2022 09:07 CET | World

Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro, shares how fast identity verification processes can build solid web 3.0 rails and futureproof internet security.


How OpenWay is powering digital payments in the age of pandemics and other disasters

Online Payments | 23 Sep 2022 06:57 CET | World

Pavel Gubin, CEO of OpenWay analyses the strategies, tools, technologies, and philosophy needed to build a resilient digital payments business.


The benefits of open banking-powered payment methods

Online Payments | 21 Sep 2022 09:30 CET | World

Siamac Rezaiezadeh, Director of Product Marketing at GoCardless, reveals the benefits that Open Banking-powered payment methods, including VRPs, bring to both businesses and consumers....

Bringing A2A payments into the future – Zimpler interview

Online Payments | 20 Sep 2022 08:31 CET | World

Johan Strand, CEO of Zimpler, shares his views on trends in the financial landscape and the future of the (A2A) payments, with insights into where the company is heading....

Orchestrating local payment methods by the book: exclusive interview with Spreedly

Online Payments | 16 Sep 2022 09:57 CET | World

Alastair Fletcher, Senior Product Manager at Spreedly, tackles the differences between alternative and local payment methods, along with the importance of orchestration in a merchants’ payments strategy....

Streamlining the payment ecosystems through payments orchestration

Payments General | 12 Sep 2022 09:06 CET | World

Jane Loginova shares her views about payments orchestration gaining momentum within the marketplaces as orchestrators help parties optimise and unlock their infrastructure....

The adoption of real-time payments in the Americas: Forecast and challenges

Online Payments | 23 Aug 2022 09:51 CET | Latin America, United States

Jenna Wyer, Senior Vice President for the Americas at Thunes, talks about the adoption of real-time payments and their impact on payments in the Americas....

Plug-and-Play Finance, the next step for embedded finance – Weavr interview

Online & Mobile Banking | 22 Aug 2022 11:43 CET | World

Alex Mifsud, co-founder and CEO of Weavr, explains how embedded finance is expected to develop, what it means for financial inclusion and what Plug-and-Play Finance has to offer....

COINsiglieri – searching for the next Unicorn in the Crypto industry

Cryptocurrencies | 18 Aug 2022 10:16 CET | Romania

With so many crypto ideas and projects popping out daily, how to know which is the most promising one? Ionut Vilceanu from COINsiglieri reveals the secrets behind crypto success stories


Digital banking in the CEE region explained by ApPello

Payments General | 17 Aug 2022 08:35 CET | Hungary

Béla Vér, CEO of ApPello reveals for The Paypers how is fintech and banking software positioned within the Hungarian financial services landscape


Crowdfunding in the CEE region through the lens of Fagura

Payments General | 16 Aug 2022 08:43 CET | Romania

Cristian Pasa, COO at Fagura, shares with us crowdfunding trends in Romania and Moldova


Mojaloop's Singapore CBDC Center of Excellence working to ensure universal financial inclusion

Cryptocurrencies | 11 Aug 2022 10:30 CET | Singapore

Nick Drury, director of the Mojaloop Foundation’s CBDC Center of Excellence, discusses what the new initiative in Singapore means for advancing financial inclusion and for the financial literacy of the Asia-Pacific region.


Digital payments: the green alternative to paper checks

Online & Mobile Banking | 09 Aug 2022 11:54 CET | United States

BNY Mellon’s Carl Slabicki explores the challenges of processing paper checks and how digital alternatives are proving to be the logical way forward for US payments....

A match made in BaaS heaven – Chetwood and Yobota partnership

Online & Mobile Banking | 04 Aug 2022 13:36 CET | World

Julia McColl, Chief Product Officer at Chetwood Financial: Our mission is to empower our partners to deliver financial services that are flexible, intelligent, and put the customer first...

How digitalisation transforms financial services – BIAN interview

Payments General | 29 Jul 2022 09:09 CET | World

Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), talks about how digitalisation of financial services impacts the industry, how it can drive financial inclusion while also leaving some customers behind....

Social banking for Gen Z – OWWN interview

Online & Mobile Banking | 27 Jul 2022 10:09 CET | Europe

Bastian Krautwald, Founder and CEO of OWWN, explains how he is seeking to revolutionise banking for his generation by making banking into a lifestyle that is all about access to information, exchange, peer learning, and managing finances. 


The future of financing and the new opportunities for SMEs

Payments General | 25 Jul 2022 08:51 CET | World

Together with Jakob Pethick, CCO at Youlend, we take a look at the future of financing and how SMEs can capitalize on new lending opportunities. 

How can frictionless business onboarding boost competitiveness

Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 22 Jul 2022 09:06 CET | United Kingdom

KYB could be a springboard for growth in the payments sector, and automation is key. Liam Chennells, Founder and CEO of Detected shares more....

The importance of identity verification in the new digital economy

Digital Identity, Security & Online Fraud | 21 Jul 2022 08:38 CET | Germany, United States

Can we use identity verification to drive business growth for digital assets and build a solid foundation for the metaverse? Dave McGibbon, CEO of Passbase, says yes....

VIDEO interview with best-selling author Richard Turrin about CBDCs and cashless in China

Cryptocurrencies | 20 Jul 2022 09:30 CET | World

Best-selling author of ‘Cashless’ and ‘Innovation Lab Excellence’ Richard Turrin explains for The Paypers where we are in the CBDC journey, with a focus on China’s digital yuan