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DPDgroup, wnDirect merger serves customers purchasing online

Thursday 5 January 2017 | 09:52 AM CET

DPDgroup, a parcel delivery network of GeoPost, has taken over wnDirect, an ecommerce parcels company.

DPDgroup has been a shareholder in wnDirect and has worked in partnership with wnDirect’s owner and founder, Stuart Hill.

wnDirect also works with DPDgroup businesses in Europe, and provides the network solution to power the export product ‘DPD Direct’.

Piloted by the Global Solutions team in the corporate HQ in Paris, DPDgroup has been working to secure new major partnerships across the world, and has created several new ecommerce services which have led to an increase in B2C volumes coming in to Europe, especially from the US and from China.

The consolidated group will have the scale and infrastructure to be able to expedite their development plans focusing on areas which have been highlighted as important by their customers.

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