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Ecommerce Facts and Figures in Turkey

Mobile commerce and online shopper behaviour in Turkey

Read below more about ecommerce growth, Ecommerce sales and cross-border ecommerce in Turkey

Turkey has a young, tech-savvy population and one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets in the world. This growth is largely driven by mobile commerce; around a quarter of online shoppers use mobile devices to make purchases over the internet.

• Total Population
- 75.5 million
• Age Breakdown
- Turkey is a young population, less than 15% of the population are over 55.
• Religion
- Turkey is mostly a Muslim country, 99.8% of the population are Muslim, mostly Sunni.
• Urban Population
- 72%
• Internet Penetration
- 48.9% penetration
• Mobile Penetration
- 70.8 million mobile subscribers at the end of Q2 2014.
- 93% penetration
• Tablet Penetration
- Quarterly tablet shipments to Turkey grew 264.5% year-on-year to 746.499 units in 2013. 
- As part of the Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology (FATIH) project, the Ministry of Education has distributed 732,000 tablet devices to students.
• Smartphone Penetration
- 29% 
• Online Shoppers
- 10 million
• Ecommerce Sales
- EUR 12.5 billion (TRY 35 billion)
• Ecommerce Penetration
- 18% of the over 14 population. 
• Ecommerce CAGR (2008 – 2013) 
- 31.5% 
• Mobile Commerce
- Mobile commerce has a high growth potential in Turkey, with smartphone penetration of almost one-third on the total population in 2013.
- A value of approximately EUR 753.6 million (TRY 2.1 billion) in online shopping was made through mobile devices.

Cross-border Ecommerce Opportunities
• Online orders in Turkey are still very focused on the domestic market. Only one in five has ever considered cross-border shopping. However, there is a high future interest for cross-border shopping.
• The value of international ecommerce transactions made in Turkey reached over EUR 1 billion in 2013, growing by a third year-on-year.
• Turkey is a favourable location for cross-border ecommerce, having a high credit and debit card penetration and strong physical infrastructure, aiding delivery.
• 22% of distance selling customers in Turkey returned ordered goods, a figure below the global average of 27.5%.
• Turkish consumers purchase cross-border from the US (49%), China (40.4%), Hong Kong (18.5%) the UK (15.4%) and Germany (12.1%).

Language as a Key Driver
• The official language of Turkey is Turkish, spoken by 90% of the population.
• Kurdish is spoken by 6% of the population, although not recognised as an official language.