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Ecommerce Facts and Figures in Japan

Mobile commerce and online shopper behaviour in Japan

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Japan is one of the most developed economies globally and the fourth-largest ecommerce market in the world. At the same time, Japan is an untapped market with a tech-savvy nation that enjoys things coming from outside their borders – and with a high instance of prosperity, consumers can afford to buy items without constantly worrying about costs. The country’s ecommerce market is worth more than USD 140 billion and is growing in value at a rate of 9%.

However, although Japan seems the optimal place for new revenue streams, there are multiple aspects related to their culture that makes this market unique, which involves extensive knowledge in order to win Japanese consumers’ heart. But for those who understand how to localize Japan’s shopping experience and meet ecommerce cultural expectations, the opportunity is massive.

General Statistics


  • 126.3 million

Age Breakdown (CIA World Factbook)

  • 1-14 years 12.49%

  • 15-24 years 9.47%

  • 25-54 years 36.8%

  • 55-64 years 12.6%

  • 65+ years 29.18%

Religion (CIA World Factbook)

  • Shintoism 69%

  • Buddhism 66.7%

  • Christianity 1.5%

  • Other 6.2%

Urban Population (CIA World Factbook)

  • 92% of the total population

Internet Penetration

  • total: 117.4 million

  • 92.7% of the total population

  • country comparison to the world: 7

Mobile Penetration

  • 91.6% (Statista)

Tablet Penetration

  • 38% (Statista)

Smartphone Penetration

  • 55.3%

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

  • USD 5 trillion

  • Per capita: USD 40.165

Financial Inclusion

  • Bank account penetration 98%

  • Credit card penetration 68%

Ecommerce Facts and Figures

Online Shoppers

  • 76% (2021 E-commerce Payments Trends Report: Japan Country Insights)

Ecommerce Sales

  • USD 150.1 billion

Growth Rate

  • 10%

Mobile Commerce

  • 54% of total ecommerce

Mobile OS Platforms (StatCounter)

  • iOS 67.61%

  • Android 32.26%

  • Samsung 0.06%

  • Playstation 0.03%