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Ecommerce Facts and Figures in Indonesia

Mobile commerce and online shopper behaviour in Indonesia

Read below more about ecommerce growth, Ecommerce sales and cross-border ecommerce in Indonesia

Indonesia has seen significant growth in internet and ecommerce penetration in the recent years. With the advent of cheap and diversified smartphones and tablets, Indonesia is seeing a trend of new web users who first access the internet through their mobile phone, representing huge potential for mobile commerce.

Internet Penetration
- 24.7% 
Mobile Penetration
- 117% 
Tablet Penetration
- 7% 
• Smartphone Penetration
- 23.8% 
• Online Shoppers
- 3.7 million
• Ecommerce Sales
- USD 0.9 billion in 2011, projected to grow to USD 10 billion in 2015
- The most successful ecommerce websites in Indonesia are selling products with a value of less than USD 17 
- On Sukamart (Indonesian online supermarket) the average basket size is USD 25 – USD 42 
- In Indonesia, most online shoppers prefer to save time rather than money
- Half of Indonesian consumers who currently don’t shop online are interested in making online purchases and will probably do so in the next 12 months
• Ecommerce Penetration
- 8.1% penetration
• Ecommerce CAGR (2007 – 2013)
- 48.3% 
• Mobile Commerce
- In 2013, mobile commerce value was estimated at USD 8.5 million.
- According to the MasterCard online shopping survey conducted in November and December 2012, Indonesians top the Asia Pacific region with more than half of the respondents (54.5%) using their smartphones to shop in the last three months.
• Mobile OS platforms
- The preferred mobile software for Indonesians is Blackberry at 27%, along with Symbian, at 20%.

Cross-border Ecommerce Opportunities

• Korean and Chinese ecommerce players have entered the Indonesian market, thus fuelling growth. 
• Indonesian PSP Doku has partnered with PayPal, allowing Indonesian merchants to reach cross-border customers. 
• Indonesia was one of the fastest growing PayPal Malaysia export markets in 2013 (56% YoY) and Indonesia was also among Malaysia’s top 3 overall export corridors for 2013.

Language as a Key Driver

• The official language is Indonesian (locally known as Bahasa Indonesia), a variant of Malay. 
• Indonesia is the 4th most populous nation in the world. Of its large population, the number of people who fluently speak Indonesian is approaching 100%, thus making Indonesian one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.