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Ecommerce Facts and Figures in Germany

Mobile commerce and online shopper behaviour in Germany

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The German ecommerce market is a strong force, both in Europe and worldwide; accounting for 25% of the European ecommerce turnover, and ranking 5th in the world with online sales volume. Germany also sits among the world leaders in cross-border ecommerce, behind only the US and the UK. Mobile commerce is a significant trend in Germany, with 10% of all online sales being made via a mobile device.

Total Population
- 82.6 million
Age Breakdown
- 42% of the population in Germany are between 25 and 54. 
- Christianity is the dominant religion in Germany, with 34% Protestant and 34% Roman Catholic.
Urban Population
- 74%
Internet Penetration
- 86.8% 
- 71.1 million
Mobile Penetration
- 139.9% 
Tablet Penetration
- 24.9% 
Smartphone Penetration
- 62% 
Online Shoppers
- 63.9 million
- 90% of all internet users buy goods or services online 
Ecommerce Sales
- EUR 49.7 billion (goods and digital goods)
Ecommerce Penetration
- 77.3% 
Ecommerce CAGR (2012 – 2013) 
- 39.2% 
Mobile Commerce
- Mobile commerce sales in Germany reached over 10% of the total online retail sales in 2013. 
- EUR 4.97 billion
Mobile OS Platforms
- Android is the preferred mobile operating system in Germany, with the lion’s share of the market at 77.8%.

Cross-border Ecommerce Opportunities
• Germany is the third most active country worldwide both in import and export ecommerce, third to only the US and the UK. 
• Estonia has a developed trade route with Germany; the largest proportion of cross-border ecommerce purchases arrive from Germany. As a result, Eesti Post and Deutsche Post DHL have agreed to develop additional services to facilitate and develop cross-border ecommerce.
• German online merchants mostly sell, in number of cross-border sales, to France (5.9 million), Austria (5.5 million), Italy (5 million), Spain (3.9 million) and the Nordics (3.5 million).
• German online shoppers mostly buy cross-border, in number of cross-border sales, from the UK (11.1 million), the US (8.6 million, and China (6.2 million).

Language as a Key Driver
• The official language of Germany is German, spoken by 95% of the 82.6 million population.
• German is spoken in neighbouring Austria (7.5 million people) and Switzerland (5.2 million people) Other European countries with a German-speaking majority include Luxembourg (0.48 million) and Liechtenstein (0.03 million).
• There are German speaking communities in the US (5 million people) and Brazil (1.4 million people).
• Non-native languages include Turkish, spoken by around 1.8% of the population, and Kurdish, by 0.3%.
• German is spoken natively by about 100 million people, making it the most widely spoken native language in the European Union.