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Phishing campaign targets Bank of France customers

Tuesday 16 May 2017 | 11:05 AM CET

A phishing campaign attempting to steal users’ credentials has been targeting Bank of France’s customers.

The phishing campaign involves fake emails, purporting to be from the country's central bank, redirecting victims to a malicious website that requests them to input their bank details.

According to International Business times, there has been a surge in phishing emails, which come with fake bills, notifications of bank accounts being frozen and of loans having been granted. The Bank of France said that the hackers operating the phishing campaign were using the bank's name, logo, phone numbers and email addresses to pass off their fake emails as legitimate.

Furthermore, it is unclear if the attacks have any connection to the recent political hacking campaign that targeted the newly elected French president Emmanuel Macron's political party during the election, the online publication concluded.

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