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Fingerprint authentication tech added to InMobile from InAuth

Friday 21 April 2017 | 09:14 AM CET

InAuth has launched InMobile Biometrics, adding fingerprint biometric authentication to InMobile’s capabilities.

The solution offers an additional layer of security to reduce fraud and uses a device’s native biometric reader to authenticate that the intended user is accessing the device, offering strong two-factor (2FA) security. The touch sensor is built into Android and iOS mobile devices.

In addition, InMobile Biometrics leverages InAuth’s Trusted Path architecture, which prevents data compromise by providing a secure channel through which to transport sensitive information—such as a biometric results data—between the customer and an organization. Every communication is encrypted end-to-end, digitally signed, and protected against replay attacks.

InAuth is a provider of solutions that help businesses limit risk, reduce fraud, and enhance authentication within their digital channels.

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