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Chargebacks911 to be known as The Chargeback Company in Europe

Friday 19 May 2017 | 08:44 AM CET

Chargebacks911 has announced that it will be known as The Chargeback Company in Europe, but will keep the original name in North America, Australia and elsewhere outside of Europe.

The name Chargebacks911 originated because the company served as an ‘emergency hotline’ for American businesses who were victimised by chargeback fraud. 911 is the equivalent of the UK’s 999 or Europe’s 112 – it is how one reaches first responders.

At present, Chargebacks911 goes beyond a hotline support. The company offers a full range of chargeback services for merchants, acquirers and issuers.

Chargebacks911, a division of Global Risk Technologies, is dedicated to mitigating chargeback risk and eliminating chargeback fraud, helping merchants to maximize revenue and fight fraud in a variety of industries, including ecommerce, retail, digital and travel. For more information about Global Risk Technologies, please check out a detailed profile in our web fraud & e-identity company database

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