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Syscoin upgrades its software with new blockchain features

Friday 23 December 2016 | 10:25 AM CET

Syscoin, a cryptocurrency built specifically for online merchants and marketplaces, has announced a major software upgrade for the Syscoin Core service.

The new service introduces a feature-rich blockchain service package to its users. The upgrade includes blockchain pruning, moderation and feedback, multi-signature Syscoin services, shipping notifications, increased privacy through anonymous ZCash payments, and many other core improvements targeted at increasing long-term usability and scalability.

Multiple concurrent payment options, including private payments via ZCash, are offered. Merchants can now sell to customers who wish to pay in Syscoin, Bitcoin or ZCash (ZEC, which natively includes enhanced privacy). Furthermore, escrow services can be used for all three currencies. Aliases, Certificates and Offers now support multi-signature transactions, enabling a whole new set of use cases for Syscoin services beyond the marketplace.

Merchants and consumers can optionally provide their geolocation in order to find their nearest associates. A shipping notification system is also provided to merchants in order to allow them to optionally notify their customers that an item has been shipped.

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