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Shaping Open Banking

Yolt Technology Services (YTS) is an Open Banking provider, offering Account Information Services, Payment Initiation Services, and value-added tools including Cashflow Analyser. YTS is available throughout the EU and UK, and averages 25 million API calls each week, passing the 1 billion API call milestone in October 2020. 


Leon Muis, Roderick Simons, Mattijs de Waard

Funding rounds and investors

YTS is a venture of ING N.V.
YTS is a venture of ING N.V.YTS is a venture of ING N.V.YTS is a venture of ING N.V.YTS is a venture of ING N.V.

Service provider type  

1. Open Banking enablers
2. API connectivity for payment initiation
3. API connectivity for data retrieval & value-added services on the data
4. Consent management
5. TPP checking & repository
6. End-user solutions and propositions - 1. account aggregation, 2. personal finance management services, 3. credit scoring
7. Fraud/risk/security - 1. transaction monitoring 2. API security
8. Banking-as-a-Service    
9. Digital core banking infrastructure/platform  

How it works

Our Open Banking APIs for Account Information Services (AIS) provide the ability to extract individual or company transaction and balance data from multiple accounts. Payment Initiation Services (PIS) enable customers to make online purchases. Cashflow Analyser is an online tool that provides immediate insight into customers' cash flow.

What problem does the company solve?

With YTS, business can outsource the challenge of building and maintaining bank API connections and also take care of the need to be licenced, since it is a licenced provider. 

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

PSD2 APIs for
- Account Information Services
- Payment Initiation Services
- Value added services (e.g. KYC services)

Industries/target markets

Lenders, utilities, banks, accounting software, insurers, digital money managers, ecom and retailers, PSPs

Geographical coverage (operational area)

EU and the UK

Business model/pricing

We offer: 
- For smaller companies: Pay as you go, fee per user for AIS and fee per PIS transaction.
- For larger companies: Monthly Licence fee + fee per user for AIS and fee per PIS transaction.


Our APIs are a Java/Spring Boot micro services cluster hosted on AWS ECS with managed Kubernetes. We use Postgresql and Cassandra as data stores.

Software language

Java (with Spring Boot)

Software developement tools

Atlassian Jira&Confluence, Gitlab CI for CI/CD, Gitlab as code repository, various static code analysers

When was the core technology developed?

2016 - 2019

Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?

No, we provide only the PSD2 PIS API

How will you handle automated refunds?

Automated Refunds can be achieved by configuring the PIS API in such a way that the initial PIS payment is reversed. 

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

There is no mitigation of failing bank transactions. The PIS payment is executed instantly, and we will inform our client of a successful PIS payment.
In Q3 2021 we will also offer future dated and recurring PIS payments with a risk of a lack of balance. This risk is for the client.

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

We do not support payments reconciliation


Graydon (Credit rating agency)
Apari Digital (Tax services)

Customers / Case studies

Serving financial institutions, startups, and innovative established businesses in the EU and UK, including the Yolt app, Jortt, Briqwise, and ING. 


Alt-Fi Open Banking Provider of the Year- 2020 
Benelux Enterprise Award- Best Open Banking Provider - Europe 2021 
FinTech Awards- Leading Innovators in Open Banking Solutions across Europe – 2021 
Wealth and Finance awards- Leading innovators in Open Banking solutions across Europe- 2021

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