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Drive Your True Cost of Fraud to Zero

Using machine learning backed by 25 years of transactional data history, Vesta is the only instant, end-to-end transaction guarantee platform for online purchases, delivering unparalleled approval rates, a better customer experience, and eliminating fraud for leading brands in telco, ecommerce, travel, and financial services.

Target group
Others (digital wallets)


Anna DeMent, Director of Brand and Communications,

Member of industry association and/or initiatives
Merchant Risk Council, Gartner, AMVO, FintechPower50, Technology Association of Oregon

Core solution/problems the company solves
At Vesta we use our technology, data science, and know-how to enable our customers to eliminate fraud, approve more transactions, and grow their business. We utilise machine learning to increase approvals of legitimate sales while eliminating chargebacks and other forms of digital fraud. Our models are so accurate that we approve more than 97% of all transactions and assume 100% of the cost of fraud for any transaction we approve.

Native cloud

Data input

Identity verification
Identity document scanning third party capability
Video scanning third party capability
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) validation third party capability
Small transaction verification proprietary capability
Email verification proprietary and third party capability
Phone verification proprietary and third party capability
Social verification proprietary and third party capability

Online authentication
Behavioural biometrics proprietary capability
Device fingerprinting proprietary and third party capability
Geo-location third party capability
Remote access detection third party capability
3-D Secure 2.0 proprietary capability
One-time passwords third party capability
Knowledge-based authentication third party capability

Abuse list proprietary capability
Address verification proprietary and third party capability
Information sharing proprietary capability

Data ingestion/third-party data
Stateless data ingestion and augmentation


Decision orchestration

Chargeback management 
Guaranteed fraud protection

Business model
Pricing model
Customised pricing

Fraud prevention partners
More information available upon request.

Year over year growth rate
More information available upon request.

Number of employees

Future developments
More information available upon request.

Customers reference
For a sample list of our customers please visit our website at

We work with the likes of global brands such as AT&T, Vodaphone, Telcel, Western Union, Bukalapak, Fiserv, Plaid, and many others.

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5400 Meadows Rd 5th floor +1 503-552-3464
97035 Lake Oswego
United States