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Unnax is an all-in-one technology provider for financial companies. Our technology stack provides all the tools businesses need to build first-class financial services, whether it be Open Banking data aggregation and analysis, instant payments, KYC, or emoney services.

Service provider type

Open Banking enabler

API connectivity for payment initiation

API connectivity for data retrieval 

TPP checking & repository

End user solutions and propositions 

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

The Unnax core system is designed to adapt to any PSD2 provider API with minimal customization required. 

Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?


How will you handle automated refunds?

Merchants can use the same functionality that processes pay-in operations to make pay-outs to users in the event a payment has to be refunded.

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

The Unnax system has built-in connection redundancies and uses PSD2's order status verification functionalities to check if orders are complete.

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

The Unnax system emits an automated callback with a unique user code for each transaction, allowing the merchant to identify each money movement and reconcile it.

How it works

Unnax provides a cloud-based financial technology platform that businesses can integrate modularly to build financial products and services. Our products take the form of highly flexible APIs that can be used for B2B and B2C use cases and are fully PSD2-compliant.

What problem does the company solve?

Unnax technologies help businesses automate critical processes such as data aggregation and analysis for decision-making, regulatory-compliant user onboarding, and payment operations. By adding greater intelligence to these processes, companies can be faster and more effective, resulting in reduced costs and better user experiences.

Industries/target markets

Financial Services, Banking, Ecommerce, Enterprise Software, Insurance, Telecomms, and more.

Business model/pricing

Unnax pricing is project-specific and based on consumption.


Jordi Pérez Roselló, Julián Díaz Santos

Funding rounds and investors

Unnax's latest funding is a Series A round of EUR 7 million.


Cloud native

Software language

Python & GO

When was the core technology developed?



GDS Modellica, Círculo de Crédito

Customers / Case studies

Information provided upon request

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+34 932 20 51 99