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Crypto Payments. Crypto Payouts. Grow your business.

TripleA is a licensed crypto payment gateway empowering businesses to attract new customers and increase their revenue by seamlessly enabling crypto payments and payouts via their white-label solution. Thanks to their instant crypto-to-fiat conversion, businesses are shielded from volatility risk and freed from handling and converting digital currencies.

Background information

Year founded



Target group

Merchants, Marketplaces, Banks/FS, Fintech, Crypto Exchanges, PSP/Acquirers

Supported regions

US, Europe, Middle East, APAC, Africa, LATAM, India, China, Global (except sanctioned countries)


Office number:  +65 6993 7824


Company's motto

Crypto Payments. Crypto Payouts. Grow your business.

Member of industry association and/or initiatives

Member of MRC - Merchant Risk Council (, SBA - Singapore Blockchain Association (, SFA - Singapore FinTech Association (, 2022 Participant of Visa Accelerator Program

TripleA is a Payment Institution licensed by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), the ACPR (French Prudential Control and Resolution Authority/Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution), and registered with FinCEN (US Treasury Department)

Core solution

Crypto Payments Processing

1. Crypto Payments: Enabling businesses to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, without having to hold or convert cryptocurrencies

2. Crypto Payouts: Enabling businesses to pay in cryptocurrencies, without having to hold or convert cryptocurrencies

Crypto Native PSP

Crypto Rails B2B

Crypto Money Transfer

Core problem the company solves

With the fast-growing community of more than 350 million crypto owners, the demand from consumers to pay for in cryptocurrencies is accelerating. 

Businesses want to sell to this group of consumers with more than 1 trillion USD in spending power, but they do not want to: 

- be exposed to any volatility and compliance risks;

- deal with the complexities inherent to holding digital currencies on their balance sheets.

TripleA allows all businesses to enjoy the benefits of crypto payments & payouts, volatility-free, and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Compatible with all crypto wallets, TripleA's white-label solution includes consumer and merchant-friendly essential features such as a locked-in exchange rate and instant notification. TripleA further offers T+1 bank settlements in 50+ local currencies, shielding businesses against volatility and from holding and converting digital currencies.

Service Provider Type

Crypto payment Service Provider - Gateway /Merchant Acquirer /Processor

Crypto payment gateway

Banking product infrastructure

Yes, we have a dashboard that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.

Payments Infrastructure

Crypto Payments Infrastructure

Settlement networks

Crypto-to-fiat settlement: T+1 Bank settlement/50+ local currencies supported

Able to transfer to bank networks worldwide (excluding sanctioned countries - Cuba, Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea, Syrian Arabic Republic)

B2B payments

Cross-border B2B payments

POS/mPOS Crypto

Payments POS

Liquidity and execution solutions 

Liquidation/conversion of crypto to fiat at point of payment

Liquidation/conversion of fiat to crypto at the point of payout

Related non-core services

A corporate debit card that allows businesses to spend their account balance

Custody (vendor hosted custody, on-premise custody with multiple key handling solutions, hybrid key sharded solutions held by both the financial intermediary and the third-party vendor)

Vendor hosted custody

Info regarding how does your blockchain solution work

Do you generate a token?


Business model

Funding rounds

We completed our seed round in May 2022.

Pricing model

Transaction fee, based on value transacted.


zVentures (Razer's venture arm)


Rapyd Ventures

8i Ventures

1982 Ventures

Insignia Ventures Partners

Boleh Ventures

Year over year growth rate


Number of employees


Future developments

We will continue building on our solutions to serve as a crypto bank for businesses. 

Some key features: 
- Card Issuance for TripleA Merchants 
- Expand off-chain payment partnerships with further global and regional decentralized exchanges 

- Ongoing and evolving compliance reinforcements to ensure our solution maintains the highest compliance standards as required by financial regulators


Customers reference

We're trusted by over 15,000 institutions across all industries. Some of our customers and partners include:

Fintech/PSP - Grab, Binance, AsiaPay, BigPay
Retail - Charles & Keith, Stadium Goods
Luxury - Farfetch
Gaming - Razer
Marketplaces - Novelship, G2A