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As one of the leading payment software providers in the Nordics and globally, TietoEVRY focuses on supporting digital innovation and real-time transformation. TietoEVRY delivers solutions for national instant payment infrastructures, card, and financial product management, including issuing and acquiring, as well as Open Banking, cash management, and payment processing. 

Active since


Head office

Helsinki, Finland


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Funding rounds and investors

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Service provider type 

  • Open Banking enablers
  • API connectivity for payment initiation
  • API connectivity for data retrieval & value-added services on the data
  • Consent management
  • TPP checking & repository
  • End-user solutions and propositions: account aggregation, KYC based upon Open Banking (e.g. age verification)
  • Fraud/risk/security (transaction monitoring: API security, Strong Customer Authentication in the context of Open Banking)

How it works

TietoEVRY has one platform and two solutions; first to enable banks to open financial services to the world via standardised and compliance APIs and handle the complexity of Open Banking development. The second solution aggregates connections to different banks and API hubs, providing access account-holding banks and institutions. 

What problem does the company solve

TietoEVRY helps financial institutions develop an Open Banking strategy and publish financial and information APIs. Customers can also access API services in a unified and secure way and enable the financial organisations to reach the Open Banking market faster via the API Aggregation service.  

Types of supported APIs\API

standard supported Type: JSON RESTful API, XML

Standards: Berlin Group, OBIE, Own based on common rules from Berlin Group.

Industries/target markets

Financial institutions and payment processing centres

Geographical coverage (operational area)

Europe (Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, UK, Eastern Europe, Baltics, and Nordics), and CIS Region

Business model/pricing

For more info please contact our sales team


Native Cloud and On Premises

Software language

Java, Python, REACT JS. For more details please contact us.

Software developement tools

Github, Jira, IntelliJ Idea, Visual Code Studio 

When was the core technology developed


Do you have redundancy and coverage provided by multiple integrations (APIs & Direct Access)?

Yes, the redundancy is for API access only. Our infrastructure configuration work in high availability mode.

How will you handle automated refunds?

Not applicable as we provide API access only 

How will you mitigate the risk of bank transactions failing?

TietoEVRY provides the technical services to avoid any failures at any level of solution with strong security and recoverability policies.

How will you reconcile payments efficiently?

Not applicable. But Audit logs of all transactions and operation is available for audit in case of a dispute.


For more, please contact Petri Syvanne. 

Customers / Case studies

Over 80 customers accros two bussines solutions


Please contact us for use cases and success stories. 

Business revenue

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Contact TietoEVRY

Helsinki , Petri.Syvanne@tietoe