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Direct Bank for Loans And Deposits

Süd-West-Kreditbank (or SWK Bank) is one of the leading direct banks for loans and fixed-term deposits and employs 150 people, with total assets of EUR 1.5 billion in 2020. SWK Bank is considered a pioneer in digitalisation and innovation, offering fast application processes with TÜV-approved security. As a Banking-as-a-Service partner, SWK Bank cooperates with other banks and fintech companies and makes its systems and processes available as services in the lending and deposit business. SWK Bank has more than 20 years BPO experience and serviced more than EUR 25 billion with EUR 10 billion assets under management.

Active since

Founded in 1959, since 2002 active as a Banking-as-a-Service provider.

Head office

Bingen am Rhein/ Germany

Service provider type 


How it works

In addition to its own business, SWK Bank provides white label banking services. The bank supports financial service providers and credit institutions in processing loan applications, creating and processing overnight and term deposit accounts, and in payment transactions. Customers have access to all services that arise during the life cycle of loans or deposits. The entire transaction is processed in the name of the client, so that the client's own market presence is possible without great effort.

What problem does the company solve

SWK Bank offers a fully flexible and modular product as a prime contractor. This enables partners to enter the German market with a fully digital, modular offering including state-of-the-art process design and management of supply/demand. 

Types of supported APIs\API standard supported

REST and SOAP-API available

Industries/target markets

Fintechs, financial service providers, and credit institutions.

Geographical coverage (operational area)

Germany and Switzerland

Business model/pricing

Hybrid cost model – transaction and/or volume based 


Cloud enabled/on premises/hybrid

Software language


Software developement tools



SWK Bank works together with several service providers including credit bureaus, identity providers, trust centers, fintechs etc. 

Customers / Case studies

SWK Bank counts among its long-term customers:

  • A market leader in consumer credit in France and Europe. Subsidiary of one of the largest European banks.
  • A German banking corporation with a focus on the business areas of sales financing, branch business and eFinance.
  • A Swedish fintech and neobank. Provider of Buy Now, Pay Later services.


Best Process Award 2018, Handelsblatt Diamond Award 2017

Business revenue

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